80to90 promo! $10 extra per referral!

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14-04-2007 22:27:34

[b22ff8e44e6]Get paid $90 PER referral rather than the usual $80[/b22ff8e44e6] if you submit your order by April 30th, 2007. Submit a support ticket with your order letting us know that you are from FIPG and want to take advantage of the "80to90" promo!

[b22ff8e44e6]More promotions from MacroBucks coming soon![/b22ff8e44e6]


15-04-2007 08:23:54

when do you approve and ship?


15-04-2007 08:46:59

Starting May 15th, we will be shipping weekly. For now, submit your order by May 5th, get paid May 15th. This gives you time to collect referrals! It's quite easy to reach $1,000 in a small time frame if anyone's interested in some cash! wink

For the month of April, we will be shipping over $6k in total today/tomorrow.


20-04-2007 14:34:46