Elitecash, a bunch of new offers added, highest offer rates!

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13-04-2007 10:42:58


We just added a bunch of new offers to elitecash.net, mostly free trials. And as usual, these offers are some of the [ba8dc2711e5]highest in the free-cash site industry[/ba8dc2711e5] (compare us to any other free cash site, and if you find an offer that is priced higher on another site, we will do our best to beat their payout!). Our offer crediting system is fairly quick, with almost [ia8dc2711e5]all[/ia8dc2711e5] offers being credited within the day.

We've been in business for a couple months now, and have had many users order and cash out. We're working on getting a proof-pictures section up on the site, so if you have received pay from elitecash.net, please PM me if you're interested in having your picture in the section.

Thanks, and enjoy Elitecash.net!