Xbox 360 Elite and Guitar Hero for Xbox360 added!

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10-04-2007 21:41:16

We added the following prize

http//[" alt=""/img0143a37d26] Xbox 360 Elite

-HDMI cable
-HDMI output
- 120 gig hard drive
- Black console, black wireless controler and black micro headset

Referrals Needed
USA 12
Canada 13

This xbox360 Elite is available on [url=][][/url]

There other prize is

[img="0143a37d26]http//[" alt=""/img0143a37d26] Guitar Hero 2 for Xbox 360!

Referrals Needed 3 for both USA and Canada

This game is available on [url=][][/url]

This is the last day of our free green promotion!