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09-04-2007 21:53:00

[b537baa5190]Summary[/b537baa5190] Compete against fellow forum members in a game of knowledge for an iPod shuffle. )

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[b537baa5190]Prizes [/b537baa5190]

2 iPod Shuffles from Amazon (2-day shipping) for 2 winners.

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[b537baa5190]General Info[/b537baa5190]

Users will be able to compete against each other by answering random questions. Your knowledge (and Google skills) will be put to the test. 25 questions will be given. You will get points for answering each question correctly. At the end of the game, the 2 people with the most points win.

[u537baa5190]Duration[/u537baa5190] 25 minutes.

[u537baa5190]Scoring[/u537baa5190] The first 5 people to answer a question correctly will get points. The first person to answer the question correctly will get 5 points, the second 4, the third, 3, the fourth 2, and the fifth 1.

[b537baa5190]How do I enter?[/b537baa5190]

To be eligible for the contest, you must 1) complete a full credit offer or two half-credits, OR 2) refer a user who will receive one full offer completion. You can choose either option 1 or 2.

[b537baa5190]# of Winners[/b537baa5190] 2

[b537baa5190]Deadline to Meet Requirements[/b537baa5190] Saturday 7 [u537baa5190]AM[/u537baa5190] PST. – April 14

[b537baa5190]Contest Time[/b537baa5190] Saturday 800 [u537baa5190]PM[/u537baa5190] PST to 8 25 PM PST. – April 14

[b537baa5190]Winners Announced[/b537baa5190] By Sunday Evening – April 15

On Saturday at 8 AM, you will be able to login into your game account using your email/password combo from You’ll have the option to pick a screen name. url= [url=http//]http//[ [url=http//]http//[/url] (only accessible Saturday 8 AM PST). You will need to log in at 8 PM PST to participate in the contest.


[u537baa5190]Can I submit multiple answers to a single question?[/u537baa5190] No - so choose your answers wisely.

[u537baa5190]Are there any alternatives to the shuffle?[/u537baa5190] Yes, you can get $80 PayPal.

[u537baa5190]If I go with Option 2, will my referral also be eligible to compete?[/u537baa5190] Yes, both of you will be able to.

[u537baa5190]If I go with Option 1, can I sign up under someone?[/u537baa5190] Yes you can. You can sign up referred or unreferred.

[u537baa5190]What kind of questions will be asked?[/u537baa5190] It’s a surprise. From math (pre-calculus and below) to random facts…

[u537baa5190]What is the format of the game?[/u537baa5190] You’ll find out on Saturday!

[u537baa5190]Is there anything that needs to be done on my part (eg, telling you I completed an offer)?[/u537baa5190] Nope, we'll handle everything.

[u537baa5190]Are you planning to hold more of these?[/u537baa5190] Depends on the popularity of this one.

[u537baa5190]Have you thought about doing a more tournament style contest?[/u537baa5190] This was our original plan. We even have a script done. Unfortunately, many problems were presented with this method. However, this option is still on the table.
What happens if I can’t log into [url==http//]http//[=http//]http//[/url] at 8 AM PST on Saturday?[/u537baa5190] Please send us an email immediately, and we’ll straighten it out. Note that the earlier you complete the requirements the better.

[u537baa5190]Has this ever been done before?[/u537baa5190] Not to our knowledge.

[u537baa5190]Does have the most unique features of any free gift website?[/u537baa5190] You bet! Here’s a list of reasons to choose over the competition [url==http//]http//[=http//]http//[/url].

[u537baa5190]I still have a question![/u537baa5190] Post in this thread, PM me, or send an email= to to

12-04-2007 09:50:08

D Deadline is approaching slowly.

13-04-2007 07:52:52

Today is your last day to complete an offer or refer someone. (Deadline Saturday 7 AM)

Unlike many other promotions, luck isn't a huge factor. Plus, it will be a lot of fun! 8)

14-04-2007 08:14:43

The deadline has been extended to 4 PM PST. If you can complete an offer, or refer someone who'll complete an offer, you're in!