[GiftOrb Network] Easter Coloring Contest! Win a Gift Orb

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07-04-2007 23:12:43

GiftOrb is hosting it's first Easter Coloring Contest! [/sizeab0ea8de64]

I will be uploading a new easter coloring page each week in April. There will be one winner each week.

I have uploaded the first coloring page at the following link www.giftorb.com/Easter1.jpg

Just download it, color it with MS PAINT, and post it here. I will pick the best one at the end of the week.

Only 1 submission per week.
[uab0ea8de64]For this week's contest, I will restrict users to only MS PAINT.[/uab0ea8de64]
(I will allow photoshop or any other program for next week's contest).

A Gift Orb will be given out this week to the winner of coloring contest.