NEW SITE! - 20 FREE POINTS! - cashpoints.diamonddealsnet.c

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07-04-2007 18:37:18

DIAMOND DEALS NETWORKS has just released our newest site and to celebrate this we are giving 20 FREE POINTS to those who sign up before Saturday. April 14, 2007. All you have to do is sign up and ask us for them by support ticket. This is our first points site so we are very excited about this news.


07-04-2007 19:07:15

referred too? (not sure if u can refer, can u for this site?)

07-04-2007 19:12:00

You get 8% of whatever your refferal earns on the site. However if you want strickly refferals for cash we also have the site

unknown uchiha

07-04-2007 20:22:31

When do you guys pay out?

Also, anyone interested in helping me out and signing up under me?

07-04-2007 20:25:18

1-3 and 15-17 of each month. Payment day depends on day of week since our bank is not open on the weekend