[AznNonCC] New site New Promotion !

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07-04-2007 15:39:04

To help get more network on AznNonCC I have decided to launch a new promotion
sign up UNREFERED to the my site I will give u FREE FULL CREDIT! (ending 04-12-07)
after you sign up you must open a support ticket with promotion code ncc040807.
http//aznfreebies.com/images/noncc_logo.gif[" alt=""/img5042b73015]
You also join promotion 03-18-07 and may win.

Come to my main site www.aznfreebies.com for more information.

li Payout within an hour after approval .


07-04-2007 15:50:43

Signed up.

Can I sign up for your other sites (i.e. cash, phones, jewelry) and get free greens there too? D


07-04-2007 15:54:08

Hi I signed up just waiting on free green. Guys I completed his AZNFreeStuff site and he paid me $240.00 paypal! So he does pay.


07-04-2007 16:00:28

this promotion is just on AznNonCC .
I still wait for fund to give out green on those site.


09-04-2007 08:27:31

free credit at noncc site!!!


09-04-2007 22:01:02

Signed up! -)