New Site - FREE $5 in paypal!

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05-04-2007 17:07:25
Brand new site Treasure Swat is hosting a contest for the month of April!
Complete any ruby offer and recieve $5 via payal![/b1f9d0caba6]

The winner will receive a free 2gb ipod nano! Just earn a few rubies!
- Upon signup you will receive one ruby credited to your account!
- Contest ends April 30th so join now and act fast.

Join now and take hold of the april promo lasts until April 15th!
1. Join now and you will receive greens[/color1f9d0caba6] credited to your account! Complete any ruby offer and recieve $5 via payal!
2. Whoever signs up for the site and forums will be entered into a $50 raffle upon completion of 1 ruby offer and post.

Raffle contest thread here.[=http//]here.

Here are the rules for the ipod contest here.[=http//]here.


07-04-2007 17:57:23

April promo lasts for 8 more days!


07-04-2007 19:11:07

the free ruby does not count as your ruby to get the $5 right?


08-04-2007 09:20:49

here is a list of the free ruby offers im talking about.

Fosamax Complete the questionnaire.
Ortho Evra Complete the questionnaire.
Thirty Plus Singles Create your profile and input your contact information.
Taxes Complete the free registration.

ones like these. you dont have to do any of the trial ones.