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04-04-2007 20:18:48

Ok.. So you may have noticed that the Bonus Network sites have been down for the past week or so... and I hope you have all been wondering why.

While our sites were down, you probably been thinking, "Oh Geez... Wheres the sites?". Well, we listened to our users requests, and some demands P, and we decided to overhaul the network. So what exactly has been changed?

[u873b0e4cc3][b873b0e4cc3]NEW NETWORK PAGE[/size873b0e4cc3][/b873b0e4cc3][/u873b0e4cc3]

Check it out at[=http//]
What you'll notice first off is the new design.
http//[" alt=""/img873b0e4cc3]
I spent over a month developing and coding this great new design for our network page. It's designed with appearance and readability in mind. This new design works in the most recent versions of Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

Secondly you will notice a [url==http//]proof and testimonials page[=http//]proof and testimonials page[/url]. Here is the place for you get your proof and testimonials out in the open. Care to share some testimonials or proof pics with us? Don't hesitate to [url==http//]email us[=http//]email us[/url].

The next thing you'll notice is our new support forum. Don't get me wrong, our sub forums here will remain open, but not everyone knows about A4F or FIPG. So we decided to make our own support forum for users and prospective users to chat about anything from offers to referrals. Feel free to check out [url==http//]the forum[=http//]the forum[/url].

The next new feature of our new network page is our [url==http//]guides section[=http//]guides section[/url]. Here is where you can find guides and tutorials from subjects such as filing a no credit report or opening a support ticket.

[u873b0e4cc3][b873b0e4cc3][size=18873b0e4cc3]NEW OFFERS[/size873b0e4cc3][/b873b0e4cc3][/u873b0e4cc3]

We heard you when you brought up the situation of our offer selection and we took action. We completely removed all old offers and replaced with new and exciting offers, some you might not have even seen. We now have over [b873b0e4cc3]100 Offers[/b873b0e4cc3] on [b873b0e4cc3]BonusiPods[/b873b0e4cc3], [b873b0e4cc3]BonusGamer[/b873b0e4cc3], [b873b0e4cc3]BonusLaptops[/b873b0e4cc3], [b873b0e4cc3]BonusHyper[/b873b0e4cc3], [b873b0e4cc3]BonusPCs[/b873b0e4cc3], [b873b0e4cc3]BonusPlasmas[/b873b0e4cc3], [b873b0e4cc3]BonusGadgets[/b873b0e4cc3], [b873b0e4cc3]BonusGreen[/b873b0e4cc3], and over 60 offers on our no credit card required site [b873b0e4cc3]BonusFreebie[/b873b0e4cc3]!

[b873b0e4cc3]Canadian Offers[/b873b0e4cc3] [img="873b0e4cc3]http//[" alt=""/img873b0e4cc3]
We currently have only 5 Canadian offers for Canadians to choose from. Yeh.. Yeh.. That doesn't sound like a lot but these offers are hard to get and only available to a select few Freebie sites. We are always working our hardest to get more Canadian offers. So if you have suggestions for some Canadian Offers, please don't hesitate to let us know.

[b873b0e4cc3]Current Canadian Offers[/b873b0e4cc3]
Elite Mate [b873b0e4cc3](No-CC)[/b873b0e4cc3]
Greenfield Online[b873b0e4cc3] (No-CC)[/b873b0e4cc3]
Canada Home Business System
Primus Canada TalkBroadband

[u873b0e4cc3][b873b0e4cc3][size=18873b0e4cc3]NEW REFERRAL AMOUNTS[/size873b0e4cc3][/b873b0e4cc3][/u873b0e4cc3]

Gone are the old days of paying you $40 per referral and in are the days of paying you [u873b0e4cc3][b873b0e4cc3]$45 per referral.[/b873b0e4cc3][/u873b0e4cc3] Those amounts apply to all sites except BonusFreebie [b873b0e4cc3](pays $10 per ref)[/b873b0e4cc3] and BonusPlasmas,BonusPC's, BonusLaptops [b873b0e4cc3](pay $80 per referral)[/b873b0e4cc3]

With these [u873b0e4cc3]AMAZING[/u873b0e4cc3] new rates come lower referral requirements on most of our prizes. So check them out.

[u873b0e4cc3][b873b0e4cc3][size=18873b0e4cc3]NEW SITES[/size873b0e4cc3][/b873b0e4cc3][/u873b0e4cc3]

[url==http//]BonusHyper[=http//]BonusHyper[/url] Working on homework or work related projects got you staying up into the wee' hours of the morning? Well, whats better than sleep? Well, caffeine of course! BonusHyper offers the most popular energy drinks around, and some sugar free alternatives. Why not get yourself greened and order that case of Red Bull or Monster Energy Drink you always craved?

[url==http//]BonusGadgets[=http//]BonusGadgets[/url] Come on... your sitting in front of your computer now. That means that theres a 90% chance that this site is for you! Jump drives, scrolling led belt buckles, Laser pens that might not just make you blind, but probably burn your eyes.. The latest in [b873b0e4cc3]gadgets and gizmo's[/b873b0e4cc3] is featured on this site. So why haven't you joined yet?

[u873b0e4cc3][b873b0e4cc3][size=18873b0e4cc3]NEW PROMOTIONAL GRAPHICS[/size873b0e4cc3][/b873b0e4cc3][/u873b0e4cc3]

[img="873b0e4cc3]http//[" alt=""/img873b0e4cc3]
[img="873b0e4cc3]http//[" alt=""/img873b0e4cc3]
[img="873b0e4cc3]http//[" alt=""/img873b0e4cc3]
[img="873b0e4cc3]http//[" alt=""/img873b0e4cc3]
[img="873b0e4cc3]http//[" alt=""/img873b0e4cc3]
[img="873b0e4cc3]http//[" alt=""/img873b0e4cc3]
[img="873b0e4cc3]http//[" alt=""/img873b0e4cc3]
[img="873b0e4cc3]http//[" alt=""/img873b0e4cc3]

Hope You Enjoy the new sites, new look and new offers.