Win a Nintendo Wii! Raffle on May 1!

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03-04-2007 23:30:12

A website only for promotion[/size0de190ca59]

The website[=http//] is for you users of Givafree. On this one, you would have only changing promotion. And we want you the opportunity to win something totaly free, without a credit card.

The actual promotion give you the opportunity to win....

http//[" alt=""/img0de190ca59] [color=red0de190ca59]This Nintendo Wii[/color0de190ca59]

All you have to do is complete at least 1 no CC offer to get in this raffle.

1 credit give you 1 spot in the raffle. You can complete all the offers if you want to get more spots. A USA user can have [b0de190ca59]40 spots[/b0de190ca59] only by completing offers. Canadian user can have [b0de190ca59]11 spots[/b0de190ca59]. Plus, each person that you refer, and complete an offer, will give you another spot.

The promotion end on April 31th and I will pick a winner on May 1. You can have the stats of the 10 persons who have the best chance to win the Tv [url==http//]here[=http//]here[/url].

I wish you all the luck to win this Nintendo Wii!

liYou can take the paypal option at 200$US. USA and Canada users can have the gift. Others country have to take the paypal.

Carl Fontaine - Givafree Admin

[size=240de190ca59] Un site web créé pour des promotions![/size0de190ca59]
Le site web [url==http//][=http//][/url] est pour vous utilisateurs de Givafree. Sur ce site web, vous retrouvez des promotions qui change constament. Et nous voulons que vous puissiez gagner quelque chose totalement gratuit, sans carte de crédit!

La promotion actuelle vous donne la chance de gagner....

[img="0de190ca59]http//[" alt=""/img0de190ca59] [color=red0de190ca59]Cette Nintendo Wii![/color0de190ca59]

Tout ce que vous avez à faire est de compléter une offre sans carte de crédit pour entrer dans le tirage.

Un crédit vous donne 1 chance de gagner la télévision. Vous pouvez compléter toutes les offres si vous voulez pour obtenir plus de chances. Les utilisateurs Américains peuvent obtenir jusqu'à [b0de190ca59]40 chances[/b0de190ca59], simplement en complétant des offres. Les Canadiens peuvent avoir jusqu'à [b0de190ca59]11 chances[/b0de190ca59]. Aussi, chaque personne que vous référé et qui complète une offre, vous donne une chance de plus!

Vous avez jusqu'au 30 Avril pour vous inscrire, et le tirage aura lieu le 1er Mai. Vous pouvez avoir les statistiques des 10 personnes qui ont le plus de chances de gagner la télévision [url==http//]ici[=http//]ici[/url].

Je vous souhaite toute la chance du monde pour gagner cette Nintendo wii!

liVous avez l'option de prendre 200$US par Paypal. Les gens du Canada et des États-Unis peuvent avoir le cadeau. Les autres pays doivent prendre l'argent par Paypal.

Carl Fontaine - Administrateur Givafree[size=180de190ca59][/size0de190ca59]


04-04-2007 13:09:05

jump in!


04-04-2007 15:21:17

i don't get it do we have to re-register for that promo or just log in?


04-04-2007 16:37:24

We changed the promotion. We draw a Nintendo wii on May 1th.

If you have an account on, just do some offers and refer people. If you didn't have one, you have to create one!

Good luck everyone


06-04-2007 13:00:56

what are you thinking about this promotion?


07-04-2007 14:58:51

no opinions?


07-04-2007 19:04:31

You know I like it wink


07-04-2007 19:09:50

so our offer completions are just for the promotions and do not go towards earning a free gift?


08-04-2007 13:43:37

Yes, but there is only No cc offers on this site.


12-04-2007 16:47:21

18 days left before the end of this promotion!


13-04-2007 13:30:58

[quotec797802684="halido6"]Yes, but there is only No cc offers on this site.[/quotec797802684]
cool i will check it out )


13-04-2007 22:29:55


Leaderboard updated and a new offer for UK users!

Nielsen Net Ratings (UK ONLY) 3 credit.

Have a nice day everyone!



14-04-2007 23:05:01

There is the current leaderboard

1- egyptianruin (15)
2- twhitmore (7)
3- pmrdmatt (3)
4- sr8r8 (3)
5- schoolis (3)
6- lgatton (3)
7- defectivehuman (3)
8- plzlkwthme (2)
9- pspparty (2)
10- shylesson (1)

Jump in now and take your place!


15-04-2007 19:17:59

i am paying for refs for this promo if anyone is interested pm me
looks like fun!


16-04-2007 10:54:28

Great! Good Luck!


17-04-2007 21:43:23

New Leaderboard

1- egyptianruin (16)
2- twhitmore (9)
3- aeneas3 (4)
4- pmrdmatt (3)
5- sr8r8 (3)
6- schoolis (3)
7- lgatton (3)
8- defectivehuman (3)
9- plzlkwthme (2)
10- pspparty (2)


18-04-2007 14:01:17

aeneas3 = me )


18-04-2007 15:44:09

oh third place!

Good luck to be the wiiiiiiiiiner!


19-04-2007 06:03:40

First it the Rank, Second the username, the number of spots for each person, and finally the winning %.

1- egyptianruin (16) [b4570ab08ae]23,5%[/b4570ab08ae]
2- twhitmore (9) [b4570ab08ae]13,2%[/b4570ab08ae]
3- aeneas3 (5) [b4570ab08ae]7,4%[/b4570ab08ae]
4- pmrdmatt (3) [b4570ab08ae]4,4%[/b4570ab08ae]
5- sr8r8 (3) [b4570ab08ae]4,4%[/b4570ab08ae]
6- schoolis (3) [b4570ab08ae]4,4%[/b4570ab08ae]
7- lgatton (3) [b4570ab08ae]4,4%[/b4570ab08ae]
8- defectivehuman (3) [b4570ab08ae]4,4%[/b4570ab08ae]
9- plzlkwthme (2) [b4570ab08ae]3%[/b4570ab08ae]
10- pspparty (2) [b4570ab08ae]3%[/b4570ab08ae]


21-04-2007 07:10:14

9 days before we draw!


22-04-2007 15:56:32

8 days left, get your chance now to win this wii!


24-04-2007 00:30:39

6 days left! Who will win??? Who!!!


24-04-2007 07:12:45

i did a bunch of the 2 credit credit as of this AM (


25-04-2007 04:14:22

Those offers have not credited sorry, maybe you didn't do it till the end. You can try to do the no cc offers that are not credited under your account.

Sorry about that, be sure to desactivate all firewall, accept cookies, ect..



25-04-2007 14:22:02

those offers are actually never ending. i did like 5 surveys after it says thank you and it still keeps going


25-04-2007 17:41:13

Sorry about that, but they credit for others person.


25-04-2007 18:33:53

yeah strange
are u supposed to do them until they say thank you?
i keep going and going thru surveys and they never end, just one after the other each saying thank you


26-04-2007 10:11:03

I don't know, I can't do those survey because i'm not american.

But you're suppose to do the first one, and the others, but suppose to end sometime.


1- egyptianruin (19) [ba3fe4a05fb]24,4%[/ba3fe4a05fb]
2- twhitmore (9) [ba3fe4a05fb]11,5%[/ba3fe4a05fb]
3- aeneas3 (5) [ba3fe4a05fb]6,4%[/ba3fe4a05fb]
4- pmrdmatt (3) [ba3fe4a05fb]3,8%[/ba3fe4a05fb]
5- sr8r8 (3) [ba3fe4a05fb]3,8%[/ba3fe4a05fb]
6- schoolis (3) [ba3fe4a05fb]3,8%[/ba3fe4a05fb]
7- lgatton (3) [ba3fe4a05fb]3,8%[/ba3fe4a05fb]
8- defectivehuman (3) [ba3fe4a05fb]3,8%[/ba3fe4a05fb]
9- jjkookygrl (3) [ba3fe4a05fb]3,8%[/ba3fe4a05fb]
10- plzlkwthme (2) [ba3fe4a05fb]2,5%[/ba3fe4a05fb]

Updated April 26th 1312 Est Time.


27-04-2007 19:17:58

3 days before we pick a winner!


29-04-2007 05:05:31

Jump in!