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03-04-2007 11:44:11

We strive to bring the best customer service! Don't see us on AIM? Need a reply within 5-10 minutes? About to head out with no access to a computer?

Use our [b59283a4640][i59283a4640]new[/i59283a4640] SMS Support System[/b59283a4640]! [/color59283a4640]

How it works...
1. Input all the information and press submit!
2. It is forwarded to my cell phone within seconds, no character limit!

[b59283a4640]3 easy steps![/b59283a4640]
1. Enter your cell phone number, we will reply to the cell phone number provided.
2. Enter your question!
3. Wait for a reply straight to your phone, but no worries, 5-10 minutes should be all it takes! [/color59283a4640]

To access the SMS Support System, just click on the Support button when you are logged in and scroll down below a normal support ticket.

[b59283a4640]More fantastic changes coming soon! [/b59283a4640]

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04-04-2007 11:12:15

Already have a few users using the system! I'd love to have even more!