MacroBucks Orders! Submit April 5th for April 15th payment!

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02-04-2007 13:05:17

There is only 3 days left including today! Don't forget to get your orders in! We are paying out over $2000 this month and we'd LOVE to pay you too!

MacroBucks Network Page[=http//]MacroBucks Network Page
MacroBucks $40 referral[=http//]MacroBucks $40 referral
MacroBucks $80 referral[=http//]MacroBucks $80 referral
MacroBucks points site[=http//]MacroBucks points site

Good luck! lol

unknown uchiha

02-04-2007 14:58:04

Why does the Points site redirect me to a forum? o_o is there a typo?


02-04-2007 15:06:09

No error at all -)

I've programmed a forum into a points site... instant crediting and all. It's a new concept i'm getting out there -)


05-04-2007 12:33:35

Today is the day! We have over $3k to ship out this month!


05-04-2007 12:36:26

And it's all going to me sucka's!! 3.4k made payable to manofice. Thanks!!