Multiple Orders and Other News.

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31-03-2007 18:01:27

[ucc56ad4c82][bcc56ad4c82]MULTI ORDERS[/bcc56ad4c82][/ucc56ad4c82]
We now offer multiple orders on many of our sites. Below tells you how many times you may order for each site.

GameConsoles - 3
MP3Players - 1
Tech - 3
Cash - Unlimited
HDTV - 1

[ucc56ad4c82][bcc56ad4c82]OFFER REMOVED[/bcc56ad4c82][/ucc56ad4c82]
Do to many complaints NETFLIX has been taken down as a offer. If you did not receive credit for this offer please file a "Missing Credit Report". We will try to get this back up possibly with another affiliate.

[ucc56ad4c82][bcc56ad4c82]3 NEW SITES COMING[/bcc56ad4c82][/ucc56ad4c82]
We have plans to release 3 new sites very soon!


31-03-2007 18:40:55

when we reorder, we have to complete another offer?

31-03-2007 18:45:04

Yes unless you want to get a extra referral