Anyone else having problems with yaitsfree?

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30-03-2007 18:07:54

I wasn't sure if this was just me, or if it's yaitsfree? I did my offers about 3 weeks ago, they were all supposed to be instant (I have found that instant does not always mean NOW instant, but instantly upon them getting notification - whenever that might be). After a couple days I put in a credit request. I got an e-mail saying it would take up to 2 weeks to check on it. After a few more days I IM'd the guy to inquire on the status. He was kinda rude and said he can't do anything about it, when it credits it credits. The other day, I put in another ticket because my old one didn't show up as a pending item. I got a nasty note back saying something to the effect that if it's not showing as credited, then they haven't gotten notification aobut it yet.

The guy that I signed up under was pressuring me to do more offers to go green right away and not to worry with the ones that I'm not getting credit for yet. He said some of his other people did that.

I also have 2 refs that are at 50% also and one has complained to me about not getting credited when it should have been.

Is anyone else having problems with this site, or is it just me? I don't want to offer it out there for people if it wont honor the greens.

Any insight would be appreciated.


31-03-2007 06:25:49

I am actually in the process of talking to the guy on AIM, and boy, is he rude! He makes it sound like he really doesn't care about what's going on with out accounts.. I too am having offer crediting issues, AND I've done extra ones to try and get the green faster. Not only is he not really willing to help out, he signs offline when he "Starts" to help you out. Very unreliable and I DON'T recommend this site to anyone. I love the freebie world, but you have to care about your people-- they're the ones that are making you money.


31-03-2007 06:59:03

I just got informed that there is "probably" a problem with the credit request tickets. I submitted one on Tuesday, got a confirmation e-mail... and he never received it. I also sent one today, Saturday, with him on the AIM and he STILL did not receive it... Be wary.. this may be why you haven't received credit everyone. -(


31-03-2007 08:19:55

He wasn't very helpful with me on AIM, I doubt he even checked into my request. I think I just got his "standard" answer - you have to wait.