TMNT Promo at Diamond Deals!

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24-03-2007 15:25:06

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OK lets face it, I'm a huge Ninja Turtles fan and have been ever since I was little. Seeing that I was born in 83' (wow I feel old) I was at the perfect age for the TMNT frenzy back in the day. Ever since I have played with, read or watched what ever I could of them. In a matter a fact I just saw the movie a few hours ago. Which was great by the way.

[b93637211d1]FREE VIDEO GAME WITH CONSOLE ORDER![/b93637211d1]
Anyway to celebrate the release of the movie we at Diamond Deals has decided to have a promo. So to put it simple if you complete unrefereed you will receive TMNT The Video Game with your ordered console. Anyone who orders a PS3 may receive the PS2 or PC version since it is not available for PS3. This promo is only available until [b93637211d1]April 4, 2007[/b93637211d1]. Games and Consoles will be shipped on April 15-17,2007.

[b93637211d1]BONUS $40 WITH ANY ORDER AT GAMECONSOLES![/b93637211d1]
Don't want the game? Well get some other green in your hands. If you do not want the game we will send you a bonus [b93637211d1]$40 paypal or cash sent with your gift[/b93637211d1] to use anyway you would like. When you order just tell us via support ticket you want the cash instead and how to send it.

Sign-Up unrefereed
Must order a console if getting the video game
Promo is NOT available for anyone with a free credit
Must have all referrals by April 4th