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20-03-2007 12:03:09

I know what your thinking but no we arent giving away free cars...i wish. After the very successful launch of the original Goldenfreebies we have decided to launch a Cars site. This site will have prizes with many things that have to do with cars. Right now we have Gas Cards, Stereos, Subwoofers, Radar Detectors, Video Screen, XM Radio, and Remote Start and Keyless entry. If you dont want any of these prizes you can always go for PayPal.

We are still paying at $70 per ref.


For the launch of our new site anyone that signs up unreffered will get a FREE GREEN..there is no limit to the number of people that can sign up for the Promo so keep the sign ups comin! In order to recieve your full credit simply just IM me at Goldenfreebies or post on here your member # or you can submit a support ticket ([b3255b451f9]when you submit a ticket you will get an internal server error, but dont worry the ticket still goes through[/b3255b451f9])

Also, please remember that if you are a current user on the original site, you will need to sign up as an [b3255b451f9]EXISTING USER[/b3255b451f9]. You will then be asked to extend your account to the cars site.


20-03-2007 12:11:35

nice, signed up D


20-03-2007 13:16:00

[quote5705bbfdb5="GoldenFreebies"]I know what your thinking but no we arent giving away free cars


That was exactly what I was thinking. lol.


20-03-2007 13:41:35

Wow! I signed up and got my free credit before I even had a chance to request it! Now that is fast! Thanks!


20-03-2007 17:23:15

cool. I'm in. #481


20-03-2007 18:14:13



20-03-2007 19:57:21

i will credit you guys as soon as i get back to my laptop...thanks


21-03-2007 12:24:32

Hi I signed up and I am #483 thank you


22-03-2007 00:58:06

[quote29f11ec4bc="shylesson"]cool. I'm in. #481[/quote29f11ec4bc]

I was in another forum this evening and saw this promo there. I went to the site, and thought I had joined it. I tried to login. It said I don't have an account there. NOT that my password was invalid, but that I did not have an account there. So I extended my account with no problem. But then i read the promo more in depth and it sounded familiar so I came back here. And lo and behold I have a referral number of 481. But also now of 501. I tried to open a support ticket and it acted like it was going through, but when I refreshed the page, there was no ticket--open or closed. Can you please tell me what is going on? Am I now screwed at having any chance of doing this site? I don't even understand how I was allowed to extend my account if I was already joined. I don't use any other email address to join these sites so it should not have been able to be extended. At first I thought because that annoying advert loaded on me while I was loggin in that my password was wrong or I typed my email wrong but I did it again and to no avail. Please let me know what the deal is with my account.


22-03-2007 01:28:21

Hey, I signed up, #503. )


22-03-2007 11:32:24

ldybug i got you your credit and shy i sent you a PM about the problem


26-03-2007 14:05:02

still giving away free credits


26-03-2007 14:22:57

REF ID- #623


27-03-2007 06:31:38

signed up #649


27-03-2007 06:34:00

[quotedbf6f0f3b9="condra"]nice, signed up D[/quotedbf6f0f3b9]

hi Condra,
ya know what I wanna say.....


27-03-2007 10:23:36


I am http//



(oh, and I was going to do anyways for my new site...just wondering though - if I do that offer, it doesn't mean that I have to wait 2-3 months to get my gift, right?)


30-03-2007 15:56:40

Just signed up #704.


30-03-2007 20:40:22

If my friend were to sign up through my referral link, could he still get this promo? And then i get a credit?


30-03-2007 20:42:14

no you must sign up unreferred


30-03-2007 21:02:17

Signed up #710


31-03-2007 10:58:46

got you signed up petergriffin


01-04-2007 12:52:08

Signed up by support but never got credit...ref# 486


02-04-2007 11:42:02

Is this promotion still running? I want to make sure it is before I sign up...


02-04-2007 13:37:00

yea it is still running


02-04-2007 15:16:53

#752 here!!! thanks


02-04-2007 16:25:23

does anyone know what goldenfreebies payout schedule is?


02-04-2007 16:35:05

each months if I am not mistaken ) like the 15th-20th or so.


02-04-2007 17:36:28

we now payout the 5th and 20th of each month