Awesome New Offer!

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20-03-2007 08:17:03

We have just added a new offer Forexyard - Online Trading Made Easy.[/color737b75571e]

To get credit, a user must signup and deposit $100+.

Users from US, UK and Canada can do the offer.

This is worth 100% Credit at all our sites.

[b737b75571e]Promotion [/b737b75571e]

Do this offer before 21st March 1200 PM UTC. After you get credit, open a support ticket and we'll give you [b737b75571e]3 Free Referral credits at any WhyPayItsFree site (except Cash). Or get $230 PayPal from the cash site (If Unreferred) or $180 (If Referred)[/b737b75571e].


20-03-2007 09:32:58

hmmm 130 profit here...sounds pretty good.


20-03-2007 12:42:16

wonder how much theyre getting paid for it? )


20-03-2007 13:50:17

wish i was home do this (


20-03-2007 14:20:14

how's the crediting on this offer so far? if i do it and find that i have to wait for manual credit, will i no longer be eligible for the $230?


20-03-2007 14:27:07

If you do the offer before the time mentioned and have to wait for manual credit, you'll get the payout as mentioned when credit request is approved.