$150 BONUS/ CASH BACK for an offer Completion

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19-03-2007 22:23:11

Forexyard, an offer that requires a $100 deposit, has been added to both GiftXtent.com and GiftsInn.net sites. This is not a gambling offer, but an investment offer that could yield money later on. Upon completion you receive $150 as a bonus, you also receive credit for the offer. Great deal. D


20-03-2007 08:01:34

can we do the offer even if we are reffered? D


20-03-2007 13:28:42

[quote2679e6762e="condra"]can we do the offer even if we are reffered? D[/quote2679e6762e]

The offer is open to anyone, referred or not. You can discuss it further Here[=http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=57255]Here


20-03-2007 13:29:43

US Citizens can't do this. But a non-US Citizen in the US can