Peel : scamtastic

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19-03-2007 16:59:33

If people remember my posts a year ago where I did a site, you'll know where i'm coming from here.

So has various freepay-like sites and is totally scamtastic. You basically have to HOUND them for your prize.

Anyways I did the $250 giftcard last year (and actually got it) and I see they have a ps3 site! 5 referrals, 1 offer each.

If anyone wants to try the ps3 site, PM me for my link and I'll tell you how I went about successfully claiming my prize last time.

Thought I'd throw this out there as some people might want to take their chances doing a 5 ref ps3 site.


19-03-2007 20:09:24

Send me your referral link and your story, too.