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19-03-2007 14:36:17

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Hey everyone!

At the moment, is offering 3 Apple computers and a custom computer from my computer shop at More computers will be added after the first month. Also, not all offers are up yet, most are just not all.

Paczki-Network is a network of different websites from clan websites to shops. We are glad to announce the addition of It only seems that we have enough resources to run one incentive site at the moment, we may launch another website in around 3-5 months but we mostly want to stay with one and have the best customer service while still running our current sites, which some are also recently launched( and

Feedback is always welcome


Promo info

First 40 people to sign up with [url==http//]this link, gets a free green!!![=http//]this link, gets a free green!!![/url]

Promo end date Mar. 27 2007


19-03-2007 15:45:21

any custom order option? I don't think a lot of people want to be tied into a minimum of 15 refferal site.

Also, when is shipping time? once a month? once a week?


19-03-2007 16:03:46

More computers will be added after the first month, some with lower required referrals. I will be debating to add a custom order selection, since that will defeat the purpose to use the domain of freekomputers.

Shipping will be once a month for the 2 first months, then it will be every other week.

Thanks for the feedback and questions.


Just to note
Next month, a "cheap" Dell computer will be added.


19-03-2007 16:57:04

oh, another US only...
oh well


19-03-2007 17:03:16

[quote5878ae309d="condra"]oh, another US only...
oh well[/quote5878ae309d]

We allow Canadians.


19-03-2007 18:29:17

if you want feedback, those requirements are insane! Not even blockbuster is full credit!


19-03-2007 18:32:10

We are still experiencing with these offers, they will change soon.


19-03-2007 18:35:26

[quote82088342d2="Paczki"][quote82088342d2="condra"]oh, another US only...
oh well[/quote82088342d2]

We allow Canadians.[/quote82088342d2]


I. Membership

1. All information provided must be complete and 100% accurate when registering and must be updated in a timely manner if it becomes outdated.
2. All addresses must be in the United States. Users residing outside the U.S. will not have items shipped to them and will not receive credit for completing an offer.
3. All users must be at least 18 years of age at the time they register their account.


19-03-2007 18:44:45

lol good catch condra thanks


19-03-2007 18:46:01

Fixed, and thanks


21-03-2007 11:18:32

Few more spots left for the promo.

Changed some of the offers value.


23-03-2007 14:46:29

Only 4 days left of the promo!

Plus Foxyard offer counts as 5 referrals


23-03-2007 21:51:55

Added Core 2 Duo LG775 CPU for a lot less referrals to spark a little more interest.


24-03-2007 08:13:49


Promo end date Feb. 27 2007[/quoteeec9b7c4b9]



24-03-2007 09:55:38


Promo end date Feb. 27 2007[/quote0f26d36ea9]


Ends Mar. 27, sorry about the confusion.


25-03-2007 07:38:25

Two days left of the promotion!!!