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18-03-2007 21:48:11

Hi Everyone !!!!
This is my site http//aznfreestuff.com

To help get more network on my site I have decided to launch a new promotion
sign up UNREFERED to the my site I will give u FREE FULL CREDIT! (ending 03-20-07)
after you sign up you must open a support ticket


5 members sign up and green first within ID (UNREFERED or REFERED)
195-205 will get $300 paypal or any item under $300 (1st)
295-305 will get $150 paypal or any item under $150 (2nd)
395-405 will get $100 paypal or any item under $100(3rd)
495-505 will get $50 paypal or any item under $50( 2 of 4th)

I'll update here who is winner after member 505th sign up !!!!!

NEW PROMOTION at http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=59047


19-03-2007 08:02:39

what if we got a free green last week, would we qualify here?


19-03-2007 09:43:01

[quotec58ee40ee5]what if we got a free green last week, would we qualify here?[/quotec58ee40ee5]

well your ID before 195, so you can tell your referral about this


19-03-2007 09:54:38

What ID number is your site at now? O_o. I'll join once it gets in the right range )


19-03-2007 12:24:26

are you only going to pay out once all are reached? Or as they join and green?


19-03-2007 12:50:40

I can't tell you the ID number right now?
after member 505th sign up,
I'll tell u later


19-03-2007 13:58:08

wont it take a long time for the 505 to join up? As most of the promo users you would gain are already in


19-03-2007 14:52:21

I saw that you were banned on A4F; can I ask why that is?

Also, do you think that the site is going to be up by the time the promotion is over? I want to take advantage of that generous free green of yours. D



19-03-2007 15:21:40

Also going to be banned on here.


19-03-2007 15:32:00

hey tsj, how come?


19-03-2007 15:48:54

Ya, whats up with this guy and his network? Is he not trustworthy or what...


19-03-2007 15:51:04

He's not banned yet, but study both links in his signature very carefully, they will help.

If you have trouble trusting a Banana with your money, then don't even touch this site.


19-03-2007 17:53:01

please unban and ask Chris, He is misunderstand on me.
Chris has also asked the administrators of
Anything4Free to overturn the Ban Request.


19-03-2007 17:57:12

If you were banned you wouldn't be able to post.


19-03-2007 17:59:17

please change something on my account, it' shows Do Not Trust Me.


19-03-2007 18:21:48

woww, what is goin on here?


19-03-2007 18:25:28

I don't know what is going on here, too. Admin puts a message on my account. And they do not give me a reason yet.


19-03-2007 21:17:10

[quote4b932cca26="theysayjump"]He's not banned yet, but study both links in his signature very carefully, they will help.

If you have trouble trusting a Banana with your money, then don't even touch this site.[/quote4b932cca26]

What? ?


19-03-2007 21:30:28

I don't understand his mean. And what is he thinking


19-03-2007 21:31:56

Please give me a reason Admin !!!


20-03-2007 07:25:56

what is going on here?
the admin, he told everybody don't trust me, but not even give a reason.


20-03-2007 19:31:57

What happened ???
Just signed up and got ref. ID # 143.
How about the free credit, and the promotion ?
Is it still effective or not ?


20-03-2007 19:50:49

I don't know.
I submitted my account for my free gift. So hopefully, I get something shock


20-03-2007 19:52:09

OK, I got full credit. Thanks.
Can I begin to work on this site or do I have to wait for the clearance of the site owner's status .


20-03-2007 20:26:15

Proof , first payment

http//aznfreestuff.com/proof/romeoanddarlene@yahoo.com.jpg[" alt=""/imga60ffbdad0]


20-03-2007 20:27:40

who got it?? D


20-03-2007 20:33:13

who has ID # 55


20-03-2007 20:50:02

strangeness going on here


20-03-2007 20:58:17

[quotef9d247cbb8="condra"]who got it?? D[/quotef9d247cbb8]



21-03-2007 05:22:03

AznFreeStuff, just for future reference proof pics posted by you, especially with no indication of recipient nor corroboration from that recipient, do not quality as "proof." lol

Proof pics must be posted by the recipient in order to mean anything. And as people have already pointed out, showing that you've paid one person (or 10 people, or 100) does not make you legitimate. For all we know you could be paying 1 in 10, just to try to appear honest.

The impression we're getting is that you're not a site owner to be trusted, based upon a variety of information.


21-03-2007 06:28:03

Yeah I was about to say, posting a proof pic posted by yourself can easily be fake. Simply, you could have 2 paypal accounts and just went from one account to the other.


21-03-2007 09:03:54

I had second payment, so he may posts in here soon


21-03-2007 15:25:01

I got paid...it's in the Brag Bag. ;)


21-03-2007 15:54:22

he posted here http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=57426


21-03-2007 23:22:31

Damn I'm confuse why does it say Do Not Trust me on this shawwty pisi for? lol


22-03-2007 08:22:11

yes, I'm confuse ,too. (


22-03-2007 17:10:26

I'm waiting for proof from payment #3
And payment #4, he posted on forum A4F
I just repost here

http//aznfreestuff.com/proof/payment%204.jpg[" alt=""/img7e2f44b70a]


22-03-2007 17:40:30

What? But we don't trust you shock


22-03-2007 18:15:11

why you don't trust me, give me a reason.
I became AznFreeStuff Staff on A4F
On there, they trust me, why here is not?


23-03-2007 18:37:12

Ya know, I hate to see people banned (or ALMOST banned) on here since that means someone got scammed, but almost all of them make me laugh. Hats off to the wit(s) running this site lol


thanks, guys


25-03-2007 23:41:42

please unban me !!!!


26-03-2007 13:13:39

my site has a problem on httpd.conf
it'll be back soon. sorry about that


26-03-2007 15:38:15

still can't get on..any idea when it will be up again?


26-03-2007 17:39:53

My http//forum.freeipodguide.com/images/stupid.jpg[" alt=""/imgb8ac7b3297]


27-03-2007 06:19:44

WHAT? won't be up again?


27-03-2007 06:47:38

[quote517653cad0="pisi"]It's won't be up again )[/quote517653cad0]

The site is up and I was just able to login. Did you mean to say the site IS up again? If the site is going to close, please let us know.


27-03-2007 07:04:19

I've been able to access his site for the last couple days...although I'm not a member...


27-03-2007 07:25:20

lolz, I'm just kidding , you guys look upset. ;)


27-03-2007 08:02:22

[quote2db8efb17a="pisi"]lolz, I'm just kidding , you guys look upset. ;)[/quote2db8efb17a]

It's not really funny to say your sites won't be up....people will be upset..


27-03-2007 08:35:19

sorry, yesterday I was sad. I wanna do something make fun.
what is matter if I'm azn.
I don't think it happen to me in US (


27-03-2007 12:43:38

Wow looks like you take your business seriously from what i see. lol


27-03-2007 15:08:40

my dream is become like Bill Gate . a big dream ;)


27-03-2007 15:27:30

Trkckc has PM me, but I can't answer you by my clocking account

I have updated that answer in FAQ.


27-03-2007 17:25:50

OK... I sent you a PM. I didn't post my questions in the forum, so why are you answering them here?

But since you did......I understand how crediting works. And I understand it can take a while to get credit for an offer or never get it at all. What I don't understand, and was wondering is how long it takes to actually open a support ticket. The support ticket I was questioning you about is still un-opened, and we are on day2.


27-03-2007 17:50:46

I can't reply PMs, my account is not able to do that. I'm so sorry Trkckc.

Let me know your sign up email or your ID number, I can check it clearly


27-03-2007 19:07:19

The support ticket has been opened, so that is no longer an issue. Thank you.


30-03-2007 06:23:44

Can you tell me how long Worldwinner usually takes to credit? It's been since the 26th that I sent in the request including FULL headers. I know patience is required even though they state it's instant credit (yea-right!) I just want to know from your experience, or others, that have done Worldwinner how long it took to credit. Thanks


03-04-2007 20:54:13

Just thought everyone would like to know I submitted my account for approval and it was approved the same day. I was paid $240.00 paypal for 6 referrals the very next day. Thank you AZNFreeStuff! Fast Approval and Payment.


05-04-2007 16:19:28

Im confuses is this site a scam or no?