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17-03-2007 13:27:02

The Cash Grab[=http//]The Cash Grab is a new DIY site. We have over 70 offers that are 100% free. Additionally, you can increase your revenue by referring friends and receive 20% of whatever they earn on The Cash Grab[=http//]The Cash Grab! You're not required to do so, but why not make some extra cash just by spreading the word? The offers are wonderful and the payouts are high!
[list3ba5bbdc1e][li3ba5bbdc1e]Extremely high payouts
[li3ba5bbdc1e]Quick, friendly support
[li3ba5bbdc1e]Unique, simple system and design
[li3ba5bbdc1e]20% Referral Commission - Refer friends to the site and make 20% of whatever they make on The Cash Grab!
[li3ba5bbdc1e]Payout via Check or PayPal
[li3ba5bbdc1e]Over 70 NO CREDIT CARD offers!![/listu3ba5bbdc1e]You don't even have to complete an offer to get paid! You can just refer friends and make 20% of whatever they make on the site[=http//]site. We pay via PayPal or Check - your call.

Lemme know if you have any questions!


17-03-2007 13:31:34

Not for nothing, but this site's layout and looks look fabulous. I think I may complete this site. D


17-03-2007 13:34:43

Hey man, glad you like it! We've put a lot of time into providing an awesome interface for our members to earn cash through. You don't have to "complete" the site to get paid. You can cashout as soon as you've done a few offers (worth $15) and you'll get paid!


17-03-2007 16:49:49

Great looking site and good luck.


19-03-2007 12:49:15

Hey all, the next 5 peeps to join are gonna get a bonus on their first cashout!


24-03-2007 14:57:50

Everyone who joins will be paid by the end of the month if their balance exceeds $15.00!


28-03-2007 18:20:30

[quotef452a65e4e="TheCashGrab"]Everyone who joins will be paid by the end of the month if their balance exceeds $15.00![/quotef452a65e4e]

Yeah, I got paid 3 days earlier. Awesome !!!

[quotef452a65e4e]Payment Received (ID #22M87101MY747464W)

Business Name
Megasites Design
Payment Sent to



Business Contact Information

Customer Service URL http//
Customer Service email=


Total Amount
$31.69 USD
Fee Amount
-$1.22 USD
Net Amount
$30.47 USD


Mar. 28, 2007
184645 CDT


Seller Protection Policy
The Cash Grab March Payout
Enjoy your payment! Please post proof on the forum at http//!
Shipping Address
No Address Provided


Payment Type
Instant [/quotef452a65e4e]


28-03-2007 18:22:36

Congrats! We just finished paying out over $1,300 for our first few weeks. Check the forum for more proof and sign up today 8)!


29-03-2007 05:37:39

Great Site, Cashed out 27 and some change via check, also was 1st cashout


29-03-2007 07:25:00

so we can't cash out anymore?


29-03-2007 14:49:46

Sorry? Of course you can cashout whenever you want and you'll be paid at the next payout date which is in a few weeks! As of today, over $5,000 have been completed in offers by our members (close to 300!) Signup and check it out 8)