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17-03-2007 13:17:55

Hey all! The Cash Grab[=http//]The Cash Grab launched last month and it's really taking off. Complete offers at The Cash Grab[=http//]The Cash Grab and get paid! In only a few weeks over $1,000 in offers have been completed.

There are over 400 offers to choose from, from freebies to paid trials. There are many $1 trials that payout anywhere from $10-$15 each! Thatís a lot of profit, and it builds up very quickly! Additionally, we've got about 70 NO CREDIT CARD offers!
[list05fc40c3ea][li05fc40c3ea]Extremely high payouts (equal or higher to other sites)
[li05fc40c3ea]Quick, friendly support
[li05fc40c3ea]Unique, simple, fun system and design
[li05fc40c3ea]20% Referral Commission - Refer friends to the site and make 20% of whatever they make on The Cash Grab!
[li05fc40c3ea]Payout via Check or PayPal[/listu05fc40c3ea]The next payout is in on 4/20! Feel free to ask me any questions. Sign up and start earnin' cash![=http//]Sign up and start earnin' cash!


17-03-2007 21:56:16

As a promo for you guys and gals, we'll give you a free $3 bonus on your first cashout. Post a support ticket once you signup I'll be sure to make sure you receive the bonus! Thanks and enjoy![/sizec1cfaa920a] Updated, see below!


17-03-2007 22:10:50

cool--i just joined today-- gl with the site


24-03-2007 14:59:00

Everyone who joins will be paid by the end of the month if their balance exceeds $15.00! SUPER HIGH PAYOUTS!


24-03-2007 16:45:20

you didnt read the announcement.... i'll let you off with a warning this time....


29-03-2007 12:14:31

Hey just letting everyone know The Cash Grab does pay!!

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01-04-2007 10:47:10

Hey nice job! As an update, we have about 300 members and over $5,000 have been completed in offers on the site. Enjoy!


06-05-2007 16:39:45

Update - We have over [b13a0feb1d0]200 offers[/b13a0feb1d0] with the highest payouts around. Since we have launched, our member-count has skyrocketed to over 600 and [b13a0feb1d0]over 2,150 offers completions[/b13a0feb1d0] have been credited on the site. We have already paid out nearly $7,000 to members and plan to payout roughly $12,000 in the coming days for a[b13a0feb1d0] total of $21 grand paid out[/b13a0feb1d0] in only 2.5 months.

[b13a0feb1d0]The next payout is only a week away[/b13a0feb1d0] (5/20), so sign up and get paid quickly! We payout via PayPal and check - whichever is more convenient for you. Please view our forum at http//[=http//]http// if you would like to see some proof of payment before joining. We have a low cashout minimum of only $15, so enjoy.

If you are interested in freebie offers, we have [b13a0feb1d0]over 90 awesome, high-paying freebies[/b13a0feb1d0] on the site - the most around. Let us know if you find higher rates on an offer anywhere else, we'd be happy to beat it for you! We offer a competitive [b13a0feb1d0]20% referral commission[/b13a0feb1d0]. That means you'll receive exactly 20% of the earnings of your referrals. So your buddy earns $100? You get $20 automatically added directly to your account.

If you have any questions, you know how to contact me directly, or just post a support ticket on the site. We guarantee a response in 24 hours ).


23-06-2007 13:28:36

is there a lot of email and zip submits?


23-06-2007 13:35:30

We have about 100 freebies on the site, now. I would say that at least 15 of them are just email or zip submits which is great! The others might be one page info submits or surveys. Hope you enjoy!