Ultimate Freebies - New Sites Coming This week! Updates!

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15-03-2007 09:45:22

Hey all,

I placed this here, since it will get the most viewing. We will be undergoing a few changes, beginning today. The site might be down for possibly the entire day, which I apologize for. However, when we return, we will have the following

- A brand, spanking new landing page, which was professionally designed that will connect all pages in our network together. Your probably thinking, all pages? I thought it was just one site. Well, we WERE just one site, until today. Why? Well......

- [b39e290a214]WE ARE LAUNCHING TWO NEW SITES![/b39e290a214] One site, will be a points site. The other? Something I have never seen before....WATCHES! Get a high-quality watch from brands such as Citizen and Bulova, and more!

- Our current site will move to subdomain gifts.ultimatefreebies.org.

- Also, promotional winners have been paid. All other orders placed last month will be shipped on the 20th!

On the points site, you will be able to do it multiple times. We will also be launching a new games site shortly in which you will be able to complete multiple times!

Those are the updates for now. Hope you like the new site desgin ) If you need to access your current account, please go to http//gifts.ultimatefreebies.org[]http//gifts.ultimatefreebies.org. This is where all ultimatefreebies.org accounts are at if you signed up on that site. Thanks for being patient while we get the network built together.