HOTTEST Prize to Hit Freebie Scene! Only at LAMIF

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14-03-2007 18:16:42

The greatest prize has finally arrived![/size9887182aa5][/color9887182aa5] Not only is it 6 referrals but its a POCKET BIKE!!![/size9887182aa5][/color9887182aa5] Yes one of those mini motorcycles, top speed of 40 MPH!!!! It is gas powered and is shipped to your door. it is prebuilt and ready for use as soon as you get it. Just add pegs and gas and go. Its a 49cc motor witch delivers tons of power. The best part is its free!!! yes only 6 referral only 6.

http//[" alt=""/img9887182aa5][=http//][img="9887182aa5]http//[" alt=""/img9887182aa5][/url]

This is real and orders will be shipped individually so no need to wait for a certain amount. We cannot offer overnight shipping on these because of there size however they will be shipped as fast as we can. This prize will be one of the best due to its low referral amount and its a sure win for the younger crowd along with Moms who want to get there kids one. Everyone should own one of these just for the fact to have one. So why not get your for free. What are you waiting for. Sign up -)

P.S. the HOT promotion for LAMIF is still going on. get free credit today!
more detail http//


15-03-2007 11:48:31

I'm gonna get one for my cousin//instead of like 500 online your doing it for 6 refs,,wow..


15-03-2007 14:46:44

Does it fit inside a pocket?


15-03-2007 15:32:32

haha no, but its is pretty small.

You know you can ride it right? It's not just a toy lol.