HUGE Updates and improvements for DiamondDeals

Live forum:

13-03-2007 19:04:46

Starting this weekend we will begin our transition into a much better experience for our members.

[b153919ec06]NEW SCRIPT[/b153919ec06] We will be adding our new script this weekend meaning better layout and much more better thingss.
[b153919ec06]NEW HOMEPAGE[/b153919ec06] Many may notice we have a new homepage right now then when we first started. However this is just a place holder for a even better looking homepage.
[b153919ec06]NEW SITES[/b153919ec06] We will be introducing new sites and you have the chance to choice what they are. So vote now on our homepage or in our poll here at FIPG
[b153919ec06]INTERNATIONAL SIGN-UPS[/b153919ec06] We will no longer only be limited to US sign-ups meaning almost everyone will be able to sign-up globally.
[b153919ec06]NEW AFFILIATES / BETTER CREDITING[/b153919ec06] We will be adding many new offers from new affiliates we have signed up with and completely ditching the current affiliate with the crediting problems. We have researched on our new affiliates and crediting is very good with them.
[b153919ec06]RETURNING AND NEW PROMOS[/b153919ec06] We will run many promos including our FREE FULL CREDIT promo as we did before.

[b153919ec06]POSSIBLE NAME CHANGE[/b153919ec06][/color153919ec06] We are strongly considering a name change for varies reasons. This is not etched in stone yet but we guarantee nobody's account with us will be affected by this in anyway and Diamond Deals will redirect to the proper sites if the name change is to happen.