[New Site!] HOT Lamif Promo!

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07-03-2007 16:00:04

Hi everyone! I am the new owner of http//lookatmeimfree.com/ (LAMIF) and sister DIY site http//diyprizes.com/.

http//i2.rehostit.com/03072007/banner2_2.jpg[" alt=""/imgf74e887a50][=http//lookatmeimfree.com/][img="f74e887a50]http//i2.rehostit.com/03072007/banner2_2.jpg[" alt=""/imgf74e887a50][/url]

To help get more popularity on my site i have decided to launch a HOT promo.


If u are the first 20 people to sign up UNREFERED to the above site I will give u FREE FULL CREDIT! after you sign up you must open a support ticket or reply here with your sign-up e-mail address.

First 20 sign-ups 1 FULL free credit.
Following 20 sign-ups 1/2 free credit.

2 Spots left for Full credit.
20 Spots left for half credit.


As part of FIPG, i am goin to reward UNLIMITED people a bonus when they place their order. Heres how it goes

100 points + 10 BONUS
200 points + 20 BONUS
300 points + 30 BONUS
etc. etc.

After you sign up, open a support ticket stating that u are from FIPG and u want the Bonus!

Also If you refer people on DIY site, you will get 5% of ALL their referals points!

[color=redf74e887a50][size=18f74e887a50]Deadline for both sites are March. 15th, 2007 and this is a promo EXCLUSIVELY on FIPG! Sign-Up Now![/sizef74e887a50][/colorf74e887a50]

[color=darkbluef74e887a50]editlili[/colorf74e887a50] if you would like to see any new gifts on LAMIF please suggest! i will consider adding it.


07-03-2007 16:07:16

cool, just signed up!

edit what's the payout per ref?


07-03-2007 16:11:04

the payout per ref is $36 Fee Free, meaning thats excactly how much you get after paypal fees and such.

Thank you for your interest in my site.


07-03-2007 16:12:46

I also just signed up.

Maybe the payout will increase if we do a custom paypal order?


07-03-2007 16:15:22

Hi i work as extra help when he needs it as it used to be my site, Its 36 per referral FEE FREE. If you get so many we usually make special arrangements.


07-03-2007 16:25:26

Credited fast! 6 minutes or less ... nice!


07-03-2007 16:29:44

Hey wanted to tell you guys that this is a great site to work on i posted the payment of $396 i got from them over the weekend looking forward earning more from you guys 8)


07-03-2007 17:36:38

That's a really hot girl in the logo. drool


07-03-2007 22:54:39

Took advantage of this promo -)

Site looks good, can't wait to get started.


08-03-2007 02:29:45


I'm there! Hook me up with that free greenie ;)


08-03-2007 02:54:28

You know ... I was about to tell you to remove your referral link ... but it wasn't your fault. It is Lamif's fault, for telling people to break the forum rules. Lol.

Well, if the mods allow it, then game on )


08-03-2007 04:44:01

alright, 2 more free greens given away! including TrubluFul's.

if referal links are not allowed i will remove that part from the promo, just open support ticket requesting the free credit OR reply here with your sign-up email, that should be allowed ) 14 free credits left!

also added to post if you have any suggestions for new gifts to add, please suggest it!


08-03-2007 09:10:06


I'm there! Hook me up with that free greenie ;)[/quotefdaff5e3ed]

You should know better. Owners of sites have no say here.

Get that link out of there.


08-03-2007 09:41:52

[quote0a43f22408="zr2152"][quote0a43f22408="TrubluFul"][ref removed by MMM]

I'm there! Hook me up with that free greenie ;)[/quote0a43f22408]

You should know better. Owners of sites have no say here.

Get that link out of there.[/quote0a43f22408]

Probably best for you not to quote the ref link, either. ?

Lamif, glad to see you changed the main topic so it won't happen again. )


08-03-2007 16:14:08

does anyone think an iphone ($600 apple giftcard) will be a good prize to add to the site?


08-03-2007 17:06:28

Alright i will sign up for the promo


08-03-2007 18:12:26

I registered and Received the Free Credit fast....nice.

Ummm, can I stay on to receive more gifts from this site after completion?

Thanks, C


08-03-2007 18:16:03

signed up and opened a ticket
pm'd u my email


08-03-2007 18:25:52

got mine already, thanks!


08-03-2007 19:58:15

woah the new owner stil uses the same logo as the old one. i guess he liked the site a lot!


09-03-2007 03:56:21

[quote54a0535aee="findme"]woah the new owner stil uses the same logo as the old one. i guess he liked the site a lot![/quote54a0535aee]

why would i immediately change the logo? i am gonna get a professional to remodel my site soon though.

update 6 spots left for full credit!


09-03-2007 06:38:37

Nice logo. It looks like you guys are offering strippers for free. -_-


09-03-2007 15:27:48

does it really look like strippers for free? lol thats pretty funny, but im sure it wasnt intended to mean that.


09-03-2007 15:35:25

Signed up and got my free credit, thanks LAMIF.


10-03-2007 15:02:24

yeah this site is great


11-03-2007 14:22:18

Update theres 5 spots left for full credit!


12-03-2007 15:52:16

This is a great network. I talked to the owner on AIM, and he answered all my questions. And the promo is HOT. I'm not affiliated, just saying...


12-03-2007 16:47:51

cool just got in. thanks a bunch!! )


12-03-2007 20:13:31

I just got approved in 5 minutes literally and lamif combined two of my refs at .667 and .333 so i can get payed for 3 complete refs!!great service!


13-03-2007 13:49:12

Anyone having problems accessing this site?


13-03-2007 14:08:35

We are having problems with our hosting company right now. Don't exactly know the reason but hopefully we will be back up really soon.

Sorry for the inconvienience


14-03-2007 16:24:56

Update hosting problem is fixed. Site is back up early today.


14-03-2007 17:01:33

Just sign up un-referred.
Am I late ?


14-03-2007 18:02:27

No, you are not too late, free credit granted. only 2 free credits left!


14-03-2007 19:06:31

Thanks Lamif, I just checked my status.


14-03-2007 22:25:05

Glad to see you guys back up and running -)


16-03-2007 15:21:58

Thanks for the credit!


17-03-2007 11:18:33

Hi There!

I was too late to signup unref, but was very happy when a trader asked me to go green for him!

Unfortunately I ran into some snags and PM'd LAMIF about it. The trade was cancelled, but I still want to become a member (completed required amout of offers). I hope you get a chance to check into it, and help me get started . )

I think the site is great. It has so many good offers and prizes. The layout is nice too, but have to agree with some of the others who said it looks like it may be an ad for strippers.... lol lol !

Thanks For Your Help Guys,



18-03-2007 08:04:48

this promo is over now right?


18-03-2007 13:21:20

yea its over but I can extend it if people are still interested


18-03-2007 14:19:21

On your DIY site is it possible to cash out without actually doing offers and just referring people? Also, how many referrals for $599 cash?


18-03-2007 17:59:41

yea you can cash out without doing offers. You get 5% of your referrals points. 16 referals for $599.


18-03-2007 20:23:57

[quoteaaeb623123="Lamif"]yea you can cash out without doing offers. You get 5% of your referrals points. 16 referals for $599.[/quoteaaeb623123]

Great! Thank you!


31-03-2007 22:15:15

Already submitted for approval on 3/26, ref. ID#579.
I'm looking forward to taking a nice photo of the Pocket Bike.
But 10 days of verifying plus some weeks of shipping ...
It's a long , long time.


31-03-2007 22:31:25

kewl, i was going for a pocket bike too lol


01-04-2007 08:45:26

My account was approved (04/01/07)
I will get the red bike in 2-3 weeks.


01-04-2007 19:50:56

anyone had luck with manual credits on this site?
one of my refs isnt...


09-05-2007 20:29:05

Is there anyone getting prizes from this site ?
Maybe I will be the first one, I guess.


10-05-2007 12:22:02

everyone gets there prize man. There are tons of proof pics but the reason is no one gets gifts they get payapl so its much faster and shawn is having problems with the affiliate he forgot to put him on payroll so he is mad that he had to delay orders