CoolFreeWii is Now open

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06-03-2007 19:10:31

Just want to let everyone now of a new site[] the first site of the Cool Free Network. I'm going to kick things off with a promotion. The first 5 nonreferral signups get a Free offer cedit[/color98c0e77cac]. Then the next 10 nonreferral signups get a free green[/color98c0e77cac].

Just signup for the site and send a support ticket mentioning this promo. I'll credit your account with a Free offer credit if you are one of the first 5 and a free green if you are one of the next 10.

By the way my name is Scott.

I mentioned the Cool Free Network and CoolFreeWii being the first live site of the network. Coming over the next couple of months are
CoolFreePS3 - PS3's, PSP's and Playstation Gaming stuff
CoolFreeipod - All the Ipods and accessories
CoolFreeiPhone - Apples new iPhone and accessories
CoolFreeRazr - The Razr phone and other cell phones.
CoolFreeGPS - A bunch of different GPS units from Garmin and Magellin


06-03-2007 20:02:52

i'm #13...and submitted a ticket

that means I fall into the free green category! wooohooo free green me up!


06-03-2007 20:14:28

I noticed that your payouts are only $25/ref ... kinda low for today's market.

Good luck with your site, though, and welcome to the forum )


06-03-2007 20:21:30

yea, actually pretty bad considering it's all 1/2 credit offers

I looked at the ref requirements and figured it would be all full credit offers.

good luck with it thou


07-03-2007 06:14:31

Thanks for the kind words folks. I realize the payouts are pretty measley right now, but its something that will def improve as we move forward.



07-03-2007 07:43:31

Damn thats hard tho paying for refs and earning that little, i say bumping up the payout will get you more success on your network