diamonddealsnet.com ?? legit?

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06-03-2007 14:38:23

Anyone do these sites? The ref requirements are great. Offers are similar to 123Stuff with a lot of both full and half credit offers

If anyone wants to sign up, PM me for my ref link ;)

I guess I'll be an adventurer and try it out for myself


06-03-2007 15:17:45

they have crediting problems, i'd wait until they have their new script loaded


06-03-2007 15:25:47

i regitser an my reff did an offer but never got credit shrug


06-03-2007 15:27:59

Our new script will be available a within a few days after the 15th
Yes we are legit. We have shipped to a few members of A4F and from here at FIPG I'm not sure.
Although we have got rid of most f our problem offers we will still be signing up with many more affiliates very soon.
InstantwasDollars was the problem with crediting and we only kept the offers that we know that credit.