12 Payments Sent this Morning!

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04-03-2007 10:48:52

Just wanted to invite everyone to give Toys4Free.com a try. We have the most unique features (click here[=http//www.toys4free.com/reasons.php]click here) of any free gift website! Plus, on average orders are approved within 1 day and shipped within 2.

You can get up to 2 referrals by completing 2 extra offers. Which means you can get the iPod shuffle (2 referrals) w/o referring anyone!

http//www.toys4free.com/paypalscreen.jpg[" alt=""/imgc2997b6653]


04-03-2007 15:24:58

very nice payouts. wish i could get people to do my site (


04-03-2007 17:20:02

[quote2bbc8d1eac="findme"]very nice payouts. wish i could get people to do my site ([/quote2bbc8d1eac]

Well, for starters you could use correct grammar and capitalize the first letter in your sentences. You'd probably be best of changing your site to a $40/ref site, you are paying a lot but you need to do tons of offers, offers that pay you $50 to even $100 are 1/3 credit? You're not supposed to make a profit off of everybody who does an offer, or at least not the $50+ or so that you're making, just off of the people who do not finish the site or who are unreferred. Most sites have a few people do them at first, but not many because they don't know if it's legit, once you ship out some orders and get going you'll be making more money. I've been through the whole process before, all site owners seem to get paranoid if they don't make a lot of profit the first month, just ship out some orders and you'll get more and more people to complete the site.