IFreeCash.Net ---> PAYOUTS SENT + Promo!! Total 10783$ Se

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04-03-2007 08:04:34

Wooohoooo -) We Just sent payouts!!!
Next payday March 15-16th !!!

We Have now NEW REFERRAL BASED Sites!!!!!
Enjoy 'em all! If your not finding the points site.. its under http//points.ifreecash.net

We Have a Total of 10,783$ Sent Out since the openning two monthes ago!!!
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The 3 First Users to complete the referral based version site would recieve Payout Instantly!!!
The others ofcurse... on the 15-16th March!!! ) So Get it going!!!!!!

Thanks for all the Support!

IFreeCash.Net Team![=http//ifreecash.net]IFreeCash.Net Team!

Love you all FiPG Users!!!

You can always talk to me on
AIM IFreeCash D