(Prove of Payment)Search Engine that pays you to Search

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26-02-2007 13:24:58

A Search Engine that Pays you to Search[/sizeec8389bb96][/colorec8389bb96]

Prove of Payment

http//i5.tinypic.com/4dlu3j4.gif[" alt=""/imgec8389bb96]



Here is the search engine

They have a really confusing layout as this is a new beta site so if you want to just go to the sign up page, here is the link



26-02-2007 13:35:33

how long did you have to work for that 67 dollarS?


26-02-2007 13:42:27

lol I am at $23 again, not much really its like $6 per day if i am download and leave my pc on... and my referrals too