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23-02-2007 10:48:31

Hello everyone,

Last night we added 3 new prizes
1. Nintendo DS Lite (2 refferals)
2. Xbox 360 + wireless controller (5 refferals)
3. PS3 60gb + wireless controller (9 refferals)

we also added a several new offers

[ue1410bd213][be1410bd213]NEW PROMO[/be1410bd213][/ue1410bd213]

We are currently at 45 members and thank everyone for the support so here is our New Promo.
The next 55 members to sign up will recieve a free 1/2 credit!
Also members 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 will recieve a FULL credit!!

After signing up either contact me via AIM at GoldenFreebies or leave a post here with your member # so i can credit your account.

Thanks Again,


25-02-2007 16:19:31

we are currently at 76 members..thanks to everyone for their support.

Our current promo is still going on but we have added 2 new prizes.

1. Wrist Watch Video Player 2GB, 1.5-inch Screen!! these things are amazing!!

2. Car Headrest TV with a built in DVD Player - 7 inch Screen!!

We are looking for some feedback on these 2 prizes so if you sign up for either of these you will recieve a [b1557c595da]FULL FREE CREDIT!![/b1557c595da]


26-02-2007 23:03:55

ok, i have a question crediting seems to be not-so-great....
i referred 9 ppl, all of them are like at .5 or 0, several manual requests.

i know that you cannot ''do'' anything, but i still find it difficult to get full greens

and....that was not a question finally D


27-02-2007 06:15:04

the crediting is working fine, however we are having an issue with a few offers and we are working them out wiht the affiliate today. Congrats to fattybank for being member 100!


27-02-2007 14:56:00

dont forget to submit orders before 1159pm on Feb. 28th in order to be paid on March 15th!!


27-02-2007 14:58:34

( i shall never make it in time, i have only 1 green ...the rest is like at .25 or.5 bc the offers weren't instant credit...oh well

next payout is in april?


27-02-2007 15:02:04

condra once again sorry for the crediting issues but your one of my "good" members and if i have the funds avaliable i will payout when you finish..