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20-02-2007 20:02:47


- We removed all the gifts that weren't very popular. If you want to receive one of those gifts, just submit a Support Ticket. Also, the main page should load a lot faster.

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- We redid this page completely. The previous one took forever to load and didn't look too good.

In case you need more convincing, here[=http//]here is a list of reasons to choose[=http//]

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21-02-2007 08:24:45

The iPod shuffle is only 2 referrals!

Note that you can get 2 referrals by completing 2 extra offers (the script will automatically add them).

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04-03-2007 11:31:19

I love your site! The home page does load alot faster now, the only suggestion I have is doing something with your offer page...Your whole website is slick and then the offer page is "blah"....just a sugestion.