***GoldenFreebies Launch*** HOT Promo Inside!! ~UPDATED~

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20-02-2007 13:04:27

[b003df53b5c]liliUPDATElili[/b003df53b5c] we have increased the value of each ref to $70!!

Good Afternoon everyone,

I'm here to announce the launch of GoldenFreebies. I have been working on this project for a few weeks now and it has come to the point where we are ready to launch the site to the public. I have been on the freebies scene for quite some time now and I'm ready to give you a quality and friendly freebie experience.



[li003df53b5c] The first 10 people who sign up unreffered will receive 1 full credit (100%)
[li003df53b5c] The next 10 people who sign up unreffered will receive 3/4 of a credit (75%)
[li003df53b5c] The next 10 people who sign up unreffered will receive 1/2 of a credit (50%)
[li003df53b5c] The next 10 people who sign up unreffered will receive 1/4 of a credit (25%)
In order to receive your credit just contact me via AIM at GoldenFreebies

[b003df53b5c]liliUPDATElili[/b003df53b5c] we have increased the value of each ref to $70!!

We currently have around 40 offers and will be adding more daily.

All orders submitted by February 28 at 1100pm EST will be paid on March 16th
As business grows we will start to give out payments more frequently

At GoldenFreebies we want to provide you with the easiest and friendliest freebies experience possible. This applies to everything from the payouts to the support.
All support tickets will be answered withing 24 hours.

Again if you have any questions feel free to contact me on AIM GoldenFreebies

Here is the site GoldenFreebies[=http//www.goldenfreebies.com]GoldenFreebies

Thanks for looking and lemme know if there is anything i can help you with


20-02-2007 13:09:25

hey i just signed up, email==condra_14@yahoo.comcondra_14@yahoo.com=condra_14@yahoo.comcondra_14@yahoo.com/email
i don't have AIM... )


20-02-2007 13:15:57

should be good to go condra..thanks


20-02-2007 13:19:40

just signed up


20-02-2007 13:49:21

come on now we still have 8 spots left for 1 full Credit sign up before its gone


20-02-2007 13:54:56

Just signed up for the site and was credited almost instantly! Amazing response time!


20-02-2007 14:45:21

Hey, just signed up on your new site. Looks really good and promising!

Sorry, don't have AIM but I signed up underneath email==petergriffin1fan@yahoo.competergriffin1fan@yahoo.com=petergriffin1fan@yahoo.competergriffin1fan@yahoo.com/email just to let you know. Thanks.

EDIT WOW, I already received credit. Thanks GoldenFreebies


20-02-2007 14:47:14

petergriffinfan your all set with the free credit


20-02-2007 15:05:04

signed up..and super fast support gave me credit! thanks, GoldenFreebies ;)


20-02-2007 15:10:51

signed up under email==psbread@hotmail.compsbread@hotmail.com=psbread@hotmail.compsbread@hotmail.com/email


20-02-2007 15:12:59

psbread- sent the free credit your all set


20-02-2007 15:14:16

Nice! Very impressive support )


20-02-2007 15:15:17

we have 1 full credit left to give away...we will be giving away 3/4 (75%) credits to the next 10 that sign up after the one full spot is gone


20-02-2007 16:07:14

Great site, keep up the good work!


20-02-2007 16:07:33

Great site, keep up the good work! Customer Service is excellent!


20-02-2007 16:18:19

$60/ref and referrals has to do several offers? no thanks


20-02-2007 16:52:56

all the full credit spots are taken we are now offering the next 10 to sign up unreffered with a 3/4 credit...sign up before there all gone


20-02-2007 17:06:02

wow great site...super fast..good deal thanks again


20-02-2007 17:31:37

we have increased our refs to $70 a piece


20-02-2007 17:52:53

Just signed up and without AIM.
My email= email=qnguyen34@houston.rr.comqnguyen34@houston.rr.com email=qnguyen34@houston.rr.comqnguyen34@houston.rr.com/email


20-02-2007 18:04:34

adamo got you all set up with a 3/4 credit


20-02-2007 19:12:24

nice to see the payout increase -)


20-02-2007 21:50:26

we still have 5 slots avaliable for the 3/4 credit offer...sign up fast before there gone


20-02-2007 22:04:14

signed up under email==joanna84r@aol.comjoanna84r@aol.com=joanna84r@aol.comjoanna84r@aol.com/email


20-02-2007 22:12:50

joanna we got you all setup with your free 3/4 credit


21-02-2007 06:24:38

Nice Banner ;-)


21-02-2007 09:13:43

only 3 spots left in the free 3/4 credit promo...come get it before its gone


21-02-2007 11:02:19

[quote843a6b9071="GoldenFreebies"]only 3 spots left in the free 3/4 credit promo...come get it before its gone[/quote843a6b9071]
Signed up as email==redsoxin2009@yahoo.comredsoxin2009@yahoo.com=redsoxin2009@yahoo.comredsoxin2009@yahoo.com/email


21-02-2007 11:18:33

got you all setup with the free 3/4 credit redsoxin


21-02-2007 11:25:26

[quote6da358a096="GoldenFreebies"]got you all setup with the free 3/4 credit redsoxin[/quote6da358a096]
Looks like a great site, but your support tickets seem to be down. I get an internal server error when I tried.


21-02-2007 11:28:55

yea it still send the ticket through but im tryin to get that worked out


21-02-2007 13:49:28

the next 3 people to sign up and complete 1/4 credit will recieve the other 3/4 credit free...so hurry up before its gone


21-02-2007 16:06:20

we got one more spot for the free 3/4 credit! sign up fast


22-02-2007 14:17:32

We have added a ton of new offers today! Come check it out and there is still one spot left for the free 3/4 credit promo..so first one here gets it. After the last 3/4 credit is gone the next 10 will recieve a free half credit