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18-02-2007 12:38:42

Hey all,

I have recently been working on a site called http//

This is a point based DIY site where customer support is always friendly and you will earn 6% for each referral you lead to the site.

Since the site is just recently opening, I will give bonus points (50) to the first five members who sign up from this forum and do any two offers. (You can't be referred by anyone though.)

Try out some offers, and I think you will really feel welcomed at this site.

Oh ya...feel free to PM me if you have any questions!


18-02-2007 13:06:01

Most of the offers on the site are completely credit card required. But for those of you who wish to fly through the site, there are plenty of credit card offers.


18-02-2007 13:25:01

congrats on the site and good luck with it


18-02-2007 13:32:15

Thanks bud!


18-02-2007 13:43:48

Just signed up and did some offers, anyone wants to sign up ill give some karma if u sign up under me )


18-02-2007 13:57:44

If you need help with the site you can also contact me on AIM



18-02-2007 15:44:19

1 user all ready recieved their 50 points. Four slots left.


18-02-2007 16:00:37

Signed up and submitted a support ticket.


18-02-2007 16:37:29

Ok, now I am all set ... didn't read the promotion correctly, but I now have 2 offers done.


18-02-2007 19:27:19

I credited you a little while ago. Check to see if you got it...


18-02-2007 19:30:55

It's all good now. Awesome stuff )


19-02-2007 05:58:07

2 Slots Left!!!


19-02-2007 11:29:48

I think this is in the wrong forum....maybe we should move it to the DIY freebies forum...


04-03-2007 07:26:48

All of the slots have been filled for the promotion! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Stay tuned...more interesting promotions coming soon!!!


06-03-2007 12:37:49

How do I get a subforum for my site specifically? Do I have to donate?


06-03-2007 12:41:39

is it too late for me to get the promo?


06-03-2007 13:09:02

[quotee0f1050203="gigasquash"]How do I get a subforum for my site specifically? Do I have to donate?[/quotee0f1050203]

Contact a mod...there are fees.


06-03-2007 13:09:27

[quote067d5216ff="Jskilling"]is it too late for me to get the promo?[/quote067d5216ff]

[quote067d5216ff="gigasquash"]All of the slots have been filled for the promotion! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Stay tuned...more interesting promotions coming soon!!![/quote067d5216ff]


06-03-2007 18:27:50

New promotion. The first person who gets a prize (besides the thumb drive) and posts their success on the forum (ours and this one) and writes a testimonial will get a whopping 500 points! Limited time is left....go ahead, and get your stuff!!!


25-03-2007 00:39:08

is there still time on the promotion?


25-03-2007 02:59:32

[quote3b0aa2bbbf="bigfootisreal666"]is there still time on the promotion?[/quote3b0aa2bbbf]

Seeing as how it has been over 3 weeks I am sure that the promotion is over. However, maybe he has a new one.


25-03-2007 06:29:46

good looking site.


08-05-2007 14:18:53

Thanks... Stay tuned for our June Promotion. We are going to have a promotion throughout the month of June, but I cannot disclose what it is just yet. Keep on completing offers and submitting testimonials. The testimonial offer (65 points for every testimonial submitted) will end in June!!


11-05-2007 15:56:25

Hi guys! New offers are coming up today!

Let me know if you have any suggestions for the site please.


16-06-2007 17:48:47

Hi all,

I've been trying to send out an email to everybody, however my server crashes every time I try to, so I am going to just post the email here until I can get it sent out to the public. Once again, now that the site is up, everything should be fully functional once again!

Here's the email transmission (sneak peak!)

June 15, 2007
A monthly newsletter exclusively for Your Prize Free users


After a few hours of downtime to update the site to serve you better, we are proud to announce that we are taking our construction hats off and opening the site back up to the public! As you may know, the site went down yesterday, June 14th, for maintenance, and is back and fully operational today!

We wanted to inform you of some changes that have been occurring. First, we are proud to report that we have just completed our 100th prize! Second, we are also proud to announce that we have been voted for having the BEST customer service in the industry by a general user survey. Things have been getting pretty busy, but we never fail to provide the highest quality customer service for our users!

Every month we are going to strive to have a bonus for our users, and throughout the month of June, our bonus giveaway is for 500 points!!! The user who refers the most people wins! Donít procrastinate Start referring people today! The competition will be intense.

For more information about the bonus giveaway, go to


This month, we have added some great new features to the site, such as a dead offer link, that you can click if you feel an offer is no longer working. Our team will check it out, and if the offer is dead, we will remove it from the site, and award you with a hefty bonus!

Tips for getting your prize quicker

- Bookmark the site! Itís easy to do just hit ctrl-D
- Refer friends! You earn 6% of your friends points, but it doesnít take away any from them! You can post referral links on websites, and email your friends. Throughout the June promo, the more people you referÖ the more chances you have at winning 500 points!
- Read the FAQ!
- Talk with friends about good offers
- Post on our forums for ideas on completing offers

Once again, thank you very much for being a member of Your Prize Free. Feel free to contact us at any time you need help. Or you can submit a support ticket, by logging in and going to the support tab.

If you ever have any suggestions for the site, please contact our admin at