credits yesterday...

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13-02-2007 03:33:32

Some of you may have received credited for without even doing the offer. There is currently a coding problem with LeadGains and they are trying to fix it ASAP. So please, if you got that credit last night and you didn't deserve it, at least don't try to place your order. I'm not going to be verifying most of the orders until this problem is fixed since 64 of them all came in at 1100 PM EST last night. If your order has nothing to do with the offer credits on 2/12/07 then your account will be approved. )


15-02-2007 05:20:29

anyone know where to get this script?


18-02-2007 10:48:54

I would like to comment since I own and operate It was not an issue on my end, nor the scripts end. We run the offer through another affiliate and it was on their end. My end was fine, they had the issues which then caused issues on mine. I just wanted to clarify that on my end everything is fine. I will be paying people for the leads that have been paid out.

Bascially because the error on the other affiliate site what happened was all people would do is click the offer and it would give them credit. I didnt find out until jkirk contacted me, which I really appreciate. I then compared totals on on leadgains to the other affiliate and the numbers were way off. My script did everything correct, and Im working on something that will make sure this never happens again.

So again, it wasnt on my end, but I take responsibility for the issue and have fixed the issue with every site owner )
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