DiamondDealsNet.com Updates

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01-02-2007 22:41:09

So far we have shipped $1000 worth of prizes in our first month

Our script change is still a top priority and should be in full effect within the next couple weeks if not sooner

International sign ups will be available once the new script is up and running

Many new and additional items have been added to each of our current sites

If you would like to be a moderator at our support forums please contact me. There is no pay but if you would like to help you are more then happy to if you seem trustworthy enough for the position.
lililiIf you have any questions please contact us by posting, AIM= diamonddealsaim, support (at) diamonfdealsnet (dot) com, support ticket, or PM and we will contact you ASAPlilili[/b5eafbb97bb]