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23-01-2007 10:12:49

Hoodia Miracle Diet - Worth 20 Points

South Beach Diet -Worth 40 Points

The Sonoma Diet - Worth 40 Points

Occulence Vision Formula - Worth 16 Points

Relasom - Worth 16 Points

The Bob Greene Diet - Worth 15 Points

All Natural Smoke Free - Worth 15 Points


Offers Updated

StopSmoking180 Has been raised to 22 Points

Enjoy Everyone and have a Great Day!!!!


unknown uchiha

23-01-2007 13:34:30

That's great, can we just update our intro thread instead of starting new ones for every little thing?


23-01-2007 22:10:12

yeah, the thread is right below. Why do you post that you added new offers? Sites add offers all the time.