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20-01-2007 09:41:54

The New site IFreeCash.Net is UP & RUNNING!!!
Our point value is one of the highest! [ According to users we asked to have some feedbacks D ]

We are paying right now 2 times a month ( Every two weeks! ) will try to get Better & Faster ASAP! )

There are always support around in
email= email=Webmaster@IFreeCash.NetWebmaster@IFreeCash.Net email=Webmaster@IFreeCash.NetWebmaster@IFreeCash.Net/email
AIM IFreeCash

Or if you already a user on our site you can login and post a support ticket!

We are trying and willing to be one of the leaders in the Freebie world!
So Show us some LOVE and WELCOME the new site IFreeCash.Net[=http//Ifreecash.net]IFreeCash.Net

Thanks and have a great day everyone!!! wink


21-01-2007 11:30:01

This site ROCKS! Paid me INSTANTLY!


21-01-2007 14:43:33

IFreeCash.Net, Please stop spamming the forums with posts that serve no other purpose than to advertise your site. If you're going to make a post in a thread that gets a lot of views, please put some context into it.


22-01-2007 03:09:06

Okay. sorry...