Real-incentives? anyone have info?

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19-01-2007 21:04:26

http//[]http// is this site reputable? any info?


19-01-2007 21:58:16

I think they are a UK based site... High referral requirements and offers all cost $15-$20... Its not something I would do unless I was in the UK.


20-01-2007 00:20:04

ah thanks; saw it on another site but not here-- i trust this site a little more so wanted to check. tyvm4 the info.


20-01-2007 07:03:43

Hi, Real-incentives are legit, and they have free offers on there sites,
such as lovefilm. They have sent out gift and people have picture of them to prove it, and there ref requirements arent that bad for a UK site. Thx

Ps If you want to sign up I will pay you to go through my link, Im a newb here, but i have trader before over at A4F and im a UK news writer.


03-03-2008 16:38:44

im thinking about starting it.