FREEandEZ's FreeIpodGuide vs Anything4Free tournament!

Live forum:

19-01-2007 11:28:23

Hey, for more info please visit the FREEandEZ subforum, but I will repost the whole thing here since not many people visit my subforum.

Hey everyone, I just want to announce to Anything4Free we will be running a tournament matching Anything4Free vs FreeIpodGuide forums. If you want to support your forum, register now!

I am here to announce an Anything4Free vs FreeiPodGuide tournament. Each forum will build a "team" and then they will compete in a huge NCAA-ish tournament bracket for a huge prize from FREEandEZ.

I am trying to get a 16 on 16 tournament set up. If we get more or less I will expand/contract the bracket to whatever we end up having. To get on the bracket you will need to sign up to any of my sites on (unreferred) and get full offer credit by doing one full credit offer or two half credit offers.

The prize offered will be dependent upon the amount of registrants.

The prize amounts will be as follows

8 on 8 tournament
1st Place $250
2nd Place $100
3rd Place $50
4th Place $30
5th Place $25

16 on 16 tournament
1st Place $500
2nd Place $200
3rd Place $100
4th Place $60
5th Place $50

32 on 32 tournament
1st Place $1000
2nd Place $400
3rd Place $200
4th Place $120
5th Place $100

The way the tournament will run is as follows Each member of the A4F team will be placed on the left side of the bracket and each member of the FiPG team will be placed on the right side of the bracket. The tournament will be single elimination and the final match Will be between the final A4F member vs the final FiPG member to declare a winner.

I am using a site called bracketmaker to hold the bracket where I can edit it and add the users and handle the games to show who wins and moves on, etc. You will be able to watch the progression of the tournament via the link I release once all the members of the tournament are final.

Now you may be wondering... how am I going to decide who wins a match? Simple. I am going to be running super smash brothers melee on the gamecube. Each member of the tournament will be allowed to select their character and will be set to a CPU player with level 9 difficulty.

I will record EVERY match on my computer and upload it so each member can watch the match and see who wins!

The first round matches will be 1 minute long. As we move up through the tiers the matches will increase in length.

Everyone get registered so the tournament can begin! Once you sign up and complete your offer please send in a support ticket with the following information

Name you would like to use
Character you would like to be in smash brothers
Which team you are on A4F or FiPG

To answer questions I am expecting

Can I have more than one entry in the tournament?
Yes, each full offer credit will be equal to one entry into the tournament. You CANNOT complete the same offer twice however.

When is the last day to register for the tournament?
This is not set in stone yet, I am still deciding and will be basing it off of peoples' reactions and interest.

Where can I find out who is registered and see current status of the tournament?

EVERYTHING will be updated on on the front page. Also as A4F has not given me my own subforum yet there will be a thread in other offers about it, I do however have a subforum on FiPG. So this information will also be hosted over on my FiPG forum.

26-01-2007 08:31:24

A couple people signed up, keep them coming.