Why you Should Pick Toys4Free.com Over the Competition!

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14-01-2007 12:35:45

Over the past few months, more and more sites have been opening. You guys are being faced with a question which site to choose. Well, I created the thread to help you with this dilemma! D

[b06d16d2564]I have compiled a list of reasons why you should choose Toys4Free.com http//toys4free.com/reasons.php

Keep in mind that Toys4Free.com

[list06d16d2564]- Has more unique features that any other website
- Is established and has been shipping for months
- Can be completed as many times as you want
- Doesn’t require you to complete an offer
- Is backed by a corporation
- Is open to many countries across the world
- Accepts custom orders
- Has excellent support and fast shipping/approval times
- Listens to users’ input and creates new features to suit their needs [/listu06d16d2564]


- When you are trying to get referrals, you are welcome to show them the Reasons page. If you want the Reasons page to have your referral, add “?referral=” to the end (example http//toys4free.com/reasons.php?referral=3213213 – you can add your referral id or your custom referral after the equals sign)


15-01-2007 08:19:49

List of Offers http//toys4free.com/listofoffers.php

Referral Requirements http//toys4free.com/gifts.php


20-01-2007 09:34:38

Another unique feature is on its way. D