3rd time Paid by Getstuff4free!!!!

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30-12-2006 23:32:58

What else can i say that hasnt already been said...... Same day approval and delivery of funds..... $580 total in like last 2 weeks........ Support is amazing as always..... Sites offer 100's of offers and many that other sites dont offer as well as no cc ones so very easy to green as well as find refs. 6 refs for a wii and you can do all no cc!!!
Better get the sites done now before it becomes like Trainn and very hard to find people who havent done them

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Getstuff4free Kyle

31-12-2006 01:14:44

[quote64ab8c0ea7="pspparty"] Sites offer 100's of offers[/quote64ab8c0ea7]

I haven't actually counted my offers. My admin panel does list the number of offers, but that includes the offers that I don't run (such as if the offer gets taken down, or I get too many no credit reports for an offer, etc.). But I thought that sounded like an exaggeration. After all 100's plural would mean I would have at least 200, and I didn't think I had anywhere near that many. 100 maybe, but not 200.

So I counted.

195 P


31-12-2006 11:05:41

Thanks for the clarification, heres a bump P


13-01-2007 09:29:38

some good $$$ )