is retarded

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22-12-2006 17:52:23

Their crediting systems are so slow. It's been days and I did offers that credit instantly on other sites. What are you guys using, Coverclicks?

They need to get some cheaper offers as well.

Sorry for the people that are still waiting for my referral.


23-12-2006 16:26:56

Since the offers you did on other sites are different you wouldn't know if it's a problem with the offers or not.


23-12-2006 17:00:24

They really lack full credit offers.


23-12-2006 18:03:03

JJJ, I agree. I am no longer working for them but still do AIM support. They do need more full credit offers desperatley. And for your information BlueFusionX they use NetBlue and InstantDollarz, you must have screwed up the offer. And like schizerbone said, you wouldn't know if they really credit instant or it's just marked "Instant", or would you?