WhyPayItsFree - Free Credits for doing No CC offers..

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21-12-2006 11:23:55


We are giving free credits on our sites. To participate in this promotion, you must

Signup Un Referred

Do any offer marked as "liPROMOli" .

Open a support ticket with name of the offer you did. The tracking is done realtime but it will show in your account within 24 hours..

We will give you full credit for it. E.g. If you signup unreferred and do Credit.Com (1/4 Credit) marked as (liPROMOli Credit.Com) We will give you 3/4 Credit more so that you do not need to do any more offers.

So What are you waiting For ? Hurry.. Join Now! This promotion won't be valid for long..


24-12-2006 15:04:20

More offers will be added very soon..


25-12-2006 02:52:39

Valid only for a few more signups!