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18-12-2006 12:54:42


We are happy to announce a contest.

[b705a64b360]Reward [/b705a64b360]

1st Prize One FULL Credit at any of our sites

2nd Prize 1/3 Credit at any of our sites

[b705a64b360]How To Participate [/b705a64b360]

1. Visit Promo.WhyPayItsFree.Com[=http//Promo.WhyPayItsFree.Com]Promo.WhyPayItsFree.Com, enter your UserName and click Submit. If you have done it correctly, below it will show

"Your UserName Is " Your UserName.

[b705a64b360]How to Get Your UserName [/b705a64b360]
[li705a64b360] If you are a member of any of our sites

Username is the site name and your referral ID e.g. if you'r referral link is


Your user name will be "MONEY62" .

If you win and/or do any offer where you also get a credit at any of our sites, the credit will be given to the ID you entered.
[li705a64b360] If you are not a member of the site

Username is the Name of the forum and you'r username there e.g. if you are a member of A4F and your ID is ABCD

Your user name will be "A4FABCD" .
Then Do One or More Offers. The More offers you do, The More Entries you will get and the Better are your chances of winning!

The Drawing will take place when we have atleast 51 Entries.

More Offers will be added very soon!

Good Luck!

WhyPayItsFree Support


18-12-2006 13:14:28

Nice! i submitted one


18-12-2006 14:03:44


just trying to figure it out. The grand prize, if i win, for doing this is one referral to the site?


18-12-2006 14:23:47

It is one credit. You can get a referral credit or your offer credit.


18-12-2006 16:03:49

What exactly...are the prizes? lol


18-12-2006 21:02:33

[quote2456dd4730="TFOAF"]What exactly...are the prizes? lol[/quote2456dd4730]

i think it's just...getting credit? that's what my question was getting at


19-12-2006 02:49:58

The prizes are credits at the site. For some offers, you do get some credit as well as entry in the drawing. The number of entries and no. of free credits (if any) are mentioned on the promo page


19-12-2006 10:58:30

Where can I view your offers?


19-12-2006 11:56:17

For Promo the offers are on http//promo.whypayitsfree.com . More will be added very shortly.

On the site, we have over 280 Offers so its very difficult to post here and we will be adding more very soon.