Would You Like To Have Your Own Forum?

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17-12-2006 22:39:49

If you own a freebie site and are interested in having your own separate forum on FiPG to offer support, promotions, post news and updates and also a place for your users to discuss your sites, then PM me with your site/network name and I'll give you the necessary information about making this happen.

I won't respond to requests in this thread, only through PM, but you can discuss this in here if you want to.


17-12-2006 22:47:15

Can an individual member unaffiliated with any freesites have his own forum?

I wouldn't mind a subforum dedicated to myself. I have excellent support.


17-12-2006 22:53:50

Stilts don't count, and No.


18-12-2006 08:10:35

can i have a jy3 forum? ;)


18-12-2006 09:14:57

[quote614c60f4ed="jy3"]can i have a jy3 forum? ;)[/quote614c60f4ed]

Hahaha why didn't I think of that.


18-12-2006 12:59:49

Is there a site owners forum here ?


18-12-2006 13:14:17

[quote1e1f30b9cc="g-agarwal"]Is there a site owners forum here ?[/quote1e1f30b9cc]

Yes, but since we didn't have many site owners, it was locked and never used.


19-12-2006 10:03:49

I wouldn't mind a forum dedicated to my designing company site.


30-12-2006 23:58:52



09-01-2007 19:03:46

is teh forum similar to FIPG??


17-02-2007 21:05:30

PM'd you. I just launched a freebie site, Ultimate Freebies. I would love to have my own forum here so that I could have a base for users to post about anything related to the site....


18-12-2007 09:59:24