The Next-Gen Console wars have come to GetStuff4free

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Getstuff4free Kyle

10-12-2006 23:35:23

Ladies, gentlemen and others, the next gen console wars have arrived at the Get Stuff 4 Free network!

First, the light weight division.

In the white corner, we have [ba999590b29]THE DS LITE[/ba999590b29][=http//][ba999590b29]THE DS LITE[/ba999590b29]. With it's unique stylus and dual screen layout, the DS Lite will be a worthy challenger in the arena. And for those of you who already have a DS or don't like Nintendogs, we offer a $130 alternative.

In the black corner, we have [ba999590b29]THE PSP[/ba999590b29][=http//][ba999590b29]THE PSP[/ba999590b29]. The PSP boasts the best graphics you'll find in a handheld and the ability to play movies, mp3s and more. If you already have a PSP or you don't like PS2 ports, we offer a $200 alternative.

And now... the heavy weight division.

In the white corner, we have the popular new challenger, [ba999590b29]THE WII[/ba999590b29][=http//][ba999590b29]THE WII[/ba999590b29]. With it's revolutionary new controller, the Wii is the talk of the gaming world. But if you already have a Wii or you just don't like to have fun, we offer a $250 alternative.

In the green corner, we have [ba999590b29]THE XBOX 360[/ba999590b29][=http//][ba999590b29]THE XBOX 360[/ba999590b29]. With it's powerful graphics and good lineup of games this one could be a contender. But if you already own an Xbox 360 or you just don't like first person shooters, we offer a $400 alternative.

And finally, in the black corner, we have the defending champion, [ba999590b29]THE PS3[/ba999590b29][=http//][ba999590b29]THE PS3[/ba999590b29]! It has a bunch of new stuff that nobody really knows about because Sony only released about 5 units. If you already have a PS3 or you just are able to think of better things to do with the money, we offer a $599 alternative.

And finally - you'll need [ba999590b29]GAMES[/ba999590b29][=http//][ba999590b29]GAMES[/ba999590b29] to play on those systems. We don't offer an alternative there. Maybe if you ask nicely.

And now the fine print....

1. If you sign up for a bunch of our sites and get them all completed and you end up with $600 or more in prizes, anything that takes it over $600 will be shipped in January. The rules are only that if you receive $600 or more [ba999590b29]in one year[/ba999590b29]. I don't feel like hassling with the W9's when the year is almost over, so that's a good way to avoid it. Of course, at that point your earnings start over and if you receive $600 in 2007, I will require a W9, but I'd rather put off that hassle for another year if I can. There's only three weeks left in the year and by the time you get to $600, it will be even less, so I don't forsee this being a problem. You can use it to pay off your holiday bills.

2. The "sign up unreferred and get a free ref" promotion will continue until December 31. It is good for all sites except the Video Game site.

3. For the video game site, instead I'll be running a promotion that if you sign up unreferred, you only need to do a half credit offer and you'll get full credit. I'll run this offer until December 15 and see how it goes.

4. I will be away from December 22-December 25/26 (depending on what time I make it home), but that's still a couple weeks away, so you don't need to worry about that yet.

5. Obviously, shipment dates on the Wii or the PS3 are not guaranteed other than "as soon as I possibly can without paying a gazillion dollars on ebay."

6. If there's anything I'm forgetting it goes right here.

Also forgot to mention - Revenue Universe offers might not show up properly. They had DNS problems and now they need to propogate and you may or may not have been propogated to yet. Completely out of my control, but hopefully it will be fixed soon.