3 Chances to win $100!

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02-12-2006 18:25:11

Hey there!

I would like to introduce you to the newest Gift Chaos Raffle - The Triple Winner Raffle!

- Three people will have a chance to win $100 in an Amazon.com Gift Certificate (or any other online gift certificate you can find)!
- There will be a minimum of 10 people that will need to take part.
- Entries will be accepted from December 2nd to December 31st!
- You can enter a maximum of 3 times (once on each site; iPods[=http//ipods.giftchaos.com]iPods, Gaming[=http//gaming.giftchaos.com]Gaming, Games[=http//games.giftchaos.com]Games)!
- [ba2b030b49b]NOTE This offer completetion DOES contribute to your gift![/ba2b030b49b]


[ua2b030b49b]How To Enter[/ua2b030b49b]
1. Sign up unreferred to iPod Chaos[=http//ipods.giftchaos.com]iPod Chaos, Gaming Chaos[=http//gaming.giftchaos.com]Gaming Chaos, and/or Game Chaos[=http//games.giftchaos.com]Game Chaos.
2. Obtain 1 full credit.
3. [ba2b030b49b]You must post in this thread in the following format
1. Chaos site signed up on
2. Your User Number (can be found at the end of your referral link)
3. Offer(s) Completed[/ba2b030b49b]

1. iPod Chaos
2. 12345
3. Blockbuster

So if your referral link was http//ipods.giftchaos.com/?referral=1[=http//ipods.giftchaos.com/?referral=1]http//ipods.giftchaos.com/?referral=1, your user number would be 1.


Don't miss out on this awesome raffle! You have three chances to win one hundred dollars!

Have fun!

Gift Chaos Network


03-12-2006 16:28:38

Don't miss out on this one!


04-12-2006 13:20:49

You could win up to $300!!!


05-12-2006 12:00:59

We need at least 10 people!


05-12-2006 13:33:18

Just so everyone knows this network is good Jay came thru, I will post proof pictures later. Thanks


06-12-2006 13:22:21

[quote9d8d70ba4b="zwarrior99"]Just so everyone knows this network is good Jay came thru, I will post proof pictures later. Thanks[/quote9d8d70ba4b]
Awesome can't wait for the pics!